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According to Software Advice, a resource for medical software buyers that reviews software products and provides research resources, PrognoCIS immediately stood out as a well-designed product when reviewing EMR software companies.

Software Advice initiated their “top 10″ gallery by asking EMR vendors to select screens that they felt represented their best, most user-friendly designs. Once submissions were received, they did a first pass to whittle down the list to the most visually striking.

One thing that surprised Software Advice in reviewing submissions for their gallery was the lack of native mobile support for smartphones. Some cloud-based vendors claim that their systems are mobile-compatible simply because they can be accessed through a web browser on a mobile phone – but they don’t have designs that are truly compatible with the small screen real estate of a mobile device. PrognoCIS stood out in that area as well.

Once they developed a short list of EMRs with great smartphone design, they contacted representatives of those vendors to discuss the functionality behind the images. Obviously for an image gallery, the visual itself is important. But EMR is much more complex than a screenshot can capture, so they wanted to understand what was going on behind the aesthetic design that made the system so special. PrognoCIS stood out from the beginning, both in terms of aesthetic design and in terms of functionality.

While some EMRs seem to emulate the paper chart exactly – black and white design only, over-crowded screens, poor demarcation of fields and navigation – PrognoCIS seems to be leveraging technology to make digital records better than paper records.

For more details, please view our Software Advice page.

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