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5 Key Tools for Faster Patient Payments Webinar

PrognoCIS Director of RCM Kristen Nehk reviews various tools and reports you can use to track and improve patient payments at the time of service. View the complete video or jump to the key points below. 1. Patient Due Balances (1:27) 2. Verifying Benefits (2:58) 3. Calculating Coinsurance or Deductible (6:17) 4. Patient Responsibility (8:08) …continue reading

Medication Management for Adherence EHR Feature Webinar

See how the Medication Management for Adherence feature¬†from Surescripts integrates with PrognoCIS EHR to help providers monitor patient prescriptions. Scott Montejunas of Surescripts and James Metzger of PrognoCIS discuss the importance of medication adherence and how the Surescripts tool provides feedback based on population health data. View the complete webinar video or jump to the …continue reading

Maximize Your Revenue with Medical Billing Best Practices

Industry expert, Courtney McCraine from TriZetto Provider Solutions, explains medical billing best practices and how TriZetto Provider Solutions’ partnership with PrognoCIS is beneficial for providers. View the complete webinar video or jump to the key points listed below:1. Integrated Claim Submission (0:32) 2. Auto-Generated Reports (3:22) 3. Electronic EOBs & Auto-Posting (8:52) 4. Patient Eligibility …continue reading

Accelerate Patient Collections Webinar

Bizmatics VP of Marketing, James Metzger, speaks with Jim Barnhill of Transworld Systems (TSI) to explain how our new Medical Account Resolution Services can help your practice accelerate collections so you can put your efforts towards patient care. View the complete recording of our webinar with TSI or jump to the key points listed below.1. …continue reading

Full Speed Paper to Payment in PrognoCIS EHR Webinar

We partnered with Fujitsu and TriZetto Provider Solutions to bring you a webinar on improving your practice’s medical billing workflow using Fujitsu’s PaperStream Capture Pro and TriZetto’s PaperResolve features. View the complete recording or jump to some of the key points listed below.1. Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro (2:06) 2. TriZetto PaperResolve (17:26) 3. Frequently Asked …continue reading

3 Steps to Easily Add Telemedicine to Your Practice in 2017 Webinar

View the complete recording of the PrognoCIS EHR Telemedicine Webinar or jump to some of our key points. The recording begins after the introduction of Mr. Keith Algozzine, PA-C, CEO of Upstate Concierge Medicine, and Bizmatics VP of Marketing & HIPAA Compliance, J. Metzger. (Audio begins shortly after the start of the recording.)1. Telemedicine Workflow …continue reading

6 Hidden Gems to Resolve Denied Medical Claims Webinar

You can watch the complete recording of our Practice Management webinar, or jump to the gem you’d like to learn more about.1. Electronic Remits (0:26) 2. PaperResolve (1:46) 3. Statements/BillFlash (3:44) 4. Eligibility Checks (10:03) 5. Denial Management (13:52) 6. Auto-Claim Creation (19:33) View the complete 6 Gems Practice Management Webinar powerpoint slides. Stay updated …continue reading