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Mobile Apps Branded for Your Practice

With our mobile app solutions customized for your specialty, providers can access PrognoCIS EHR anytime on their smartphones or tablets. Instantly view patient charts, refill medications, order labs, and more. In addition, we offer a patient portal application for patients to view their health records, lab results, and communicate with their providers. For providers using our Telemedicine Solution, we offer a mobile app customized towards your practice and brand. Download the PrognoCIS EHR mobile app on iTunes.

View our solutions below or contact a PrognoCIS EHR representative for more information.

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EHR Software Home Screen
EHR Software Patient Screen
EHR Software Order Screen

Patient Portal Mobile App

For patients to start using the PrognoCIS Patient Portal, simply download from Google Play™ or the App Store℠ and login using your PrognoCIS credentials.

  • Send messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results to patients
  • Check and request appointments, view lab results, examine statements, and request prescription refills
  • Easily communicate with patients’ other physicians without the potential delay of phone messages
  • Post balance statements and allow patients to complete transactions within the patient portal
  • Save time by having patients complete forms online
  • Quickly exchange patient data in a HIPAA compliant, secure fashion * With the upgrade to PrognoCIS Denali you can send documents directly from the PrognoCIS application to the Patient Portal, Employer Portal, and Referring Physician Portal.
PrognoCIS My Health Records EHR App

PrognoCIS Telemedicine Mobile App

Along with our Telemedicine Solution, PrognoCIS offers the ability to create a custom branded telemedicine mobile app. Integrated with a patient portal and a secure backend provider portal, the app delivers 24/7 access to medical service for the patient, such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results. The patient and provider portals are 100% HIPAA compliant for secure data exchange. The app also allows for photo sharing, video calls, and includes Dragon speech recognition technology.

PrognoCIS Provider Portal offers a secure backend of the HIPAA compliant mobile system, so that all patient data can be tracked. Doctors can use the mobile app on their device to contact patients. For easy access by laptop or desktop, PrognoCIS also integrates all mobile data the EHR.

A mobile app that is customizable to your brand gives the patient confidence to use telemedicine with your practice.

Customized Telemedicine Mobile App