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EHR Integrated e-Prescription Features

PrognoCIS EHR has partnered with Surescripts to make e-Prescribing easier than ever. e-Prescription technology improves prescription accuracy, minimizes lost or unfilled prescriptions, and saves time. There are several features integrated into PrognoCIS EHR to enable this:

PrognoCIS allows you to send a patient’s prescription directly to the pharmacy, refill a prescription, or even prescribe controlled substances. Integrated with Clinical Direct Messaging, up-to-date patient information is securely exchanged across all care settings – ambulatory, acute, post-acute, long term, and specialty – while meeting current and future standards for Meaningful Use.

ePrescriptions RxHelper in EHR Software

RxHub from Surescripts

RxHub is offered as a feature to providers enrolled with Surescripts for e-prescribing. They can see the patient’s Prescription Benefit Information (PBI) with details such as eligibility, drug formulary, and lower cost alternatives. Providers also have access to a patient’s medication history, showing current and past prescriptions, in order to ensure no conflicting medications are prescribed.

e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances

Providers can use e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) to prescribe DEA-class drugs electronically. Our eToken dongle has been improved to maximize your workflow. With greater browser compatibility, you can now use a Mac, iPad, or PC with Internet Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome. The eToken can also generate a one-time password for you, limiting the need to connect the dongle to your device.

eToken Image

How To Purchase e-RX and EPCS functions for PrognoCIS:
First, apply for your Iden Trust Global Common Certificate (IGC), purchase and receive your One Time Password (OTP) hardware.
Second, install and register the OTP hardware and certificate to the EHR application.

To apply with Iden Trust click here to purchase your OTP hardware and certificate.
After you have received your hardware and certificate, to request assistance in setting up your e-prescription solution, call PrognoCIS technical support at 1-408-873-3032 or 1-800-552-3301.

Medication Management for Adherence

Medication Management for Adherence is a solution from Surescripts that is currently in beta testing for PrognoCIS EHR, and will be fully integrated in the near future (2017). This solution allows providers to analyze prescription usage data and better implement medication management. Providers can:

  • Receive messages about medication adherence
  • View the patient’s adherence summary
  • Respond to Medication Management messages

Download the Medication Management Product Overview and the User Quick Guide. See how the feature works in PrognoCIS: Medication Management for Adherence in PrognoCIS EHR