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The PrognoCIS Telemedicine Solution is designed to extend connectivity and EHR software functions for any ambulatory medical practice, for patients and practitioners, using EHR integrated mobile applications. Patient engagement is only a click away. Text, email and video work together to provide the most convenient working conditions to see more patients and lower many costs.

Telemedicine enables you to quickly access patient charts, monitor patients remotely, and grow your practice beyond your brick and mortar. For pricing and delivery information on PrognoCIS EHR with Integrated Telemedicine mobile app solutions, please contact your sales consultant by calling the number at the top of the page, or fill out the above demo request form and one of our consultants will respond within the next few business hours.

Telemedicine Resources from PrognoCIS EHR:

Selecting Telemedicine Software that is interoperable with your EHR provides:

  • An optional mobile app branded with your practice’s logo to easily, securely and confidently engage patients
  • Supports more frequent and accurate diagnoses with treatment plan
  • Rapid patient access and communications for timely treatment

3 Steps to Add Telemedicine to Your Practice in 2017 Webinar

View the complete recording of the PrognoCIS EHR Telemedicine Webinar above or jump to some of the key points. The recording begins after the introduction of Mr. Keith Algozine, PA-C, CEO of United Concierge Medicine, and Bizmatics VP of Marketing, J. Metzger. (Audio begins shortly after the start of the recording.)

  1. Telemedicine Workflow Diagram (5:38)
  2. Customized Telemedicine Mobile App (7:00)
  3. Patient Consult Request (9:38)
  4. Provider Telemedicine Mobile App View (11:25)
  5. Telemedicine Website Access (19:20)
  6. Advantages of Integrating with PrognoCIS EHR (22:34)

Telemedicine Features and Benefits for Physicians

Telemedicine is a convenient and cost-effective method of healthcare delivery for the technology-driven world. It makes healthcare easier to access for the patient while reducing administrative costs for the provider and improving communication between the patient and the provider. Telemedicine may facilitate early and accurate diagnoses. Often, lives can be saved through remote consultations, whether they are urgent or diagnostic in nature.

Patients in underserved or rural areas can use telemedicine to receive expert diagnosis and treatment from specialty medical centers that might ordinarily be hard to access. Telemedicine also delivers remote in-home monitoring for senior wellness and preventative care. It even supports “real-time” treatment by first responders using wireless devices.

Telemedicine With Mobile App

PrognoCIS delivers a fully integrated EHR and practice management solution that delivers the ability to access patient records, document hospital rounds, and prescribe medication remotely. It can scale from single physician clinics to large, multi-site and specialty medical facilities. PrognoCIS delivers seamless communication between the practice and labs, radiology departments, pharmacies, and referring doctors.

Other features:

  • Multiple data entry methods: point-and-click, voice and handwriting recognition
  • Scheduling management and health reminders
  • E-prescription and lab automation
  • Compatibility with iPhone and iPad (Dragon Voice Recnognition integrated into PrognoCIS Telemedicine mobile app)
  • HIPAA and ICD-10 Compliant; CCHIT; HL-7 interfacing