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Telemedicine resources from PrognoCIS EHR:

3 Steps to Add Telemedicine to Your Practice in 2017 Webinar
View the complete recording of the PrognoCIS EHR Telemedicine Webinar or jump to some of the key points. The recording begins after the introduction of Mr. Keith Algozine, PA-C, CEO of Upstate Concierge Medicine, and Bizmatics VP of Marketing, J. Metzger. (Audio begins shortly after the start of the recording.)

  1. Telemedicine Workflow Diagram (5:38)
  2. Customized Telemedicine Mobile App (7:00)
  3. Patient Consult Request (9:38)
  4. Provider Telemedicine Mobile App View (11:25)
  5. Telemedicine Website Access (19:20)
  6. Advantages of Integrating with PrognoCIS EHR (22:34)

Selecting Telemedicine Software that is interoperable with your EHR provides:

  • A customized mobile app to easily engage patients
  • More frequent and accurate diagnoses with treatment plan
  • Patient’s medical history is shown to the provider faster, reducing the risk of drug interactions or a poor response to a new course of treatment
  • Improved medical staff efficiency in administration and coordination while decreasing expenses
  • Faster patient treatment and minimal transfers
Telemedicine With Mobile App

Telemedicine Benefits for Physicians

  • Telemedicine quickly facilitates earlier and more often accurate diagnoses with treatment plan
  • Reduced the risk of negative drug interactions or poor response to a course of treatment
  • Improves efficiency in administration and coordination while containing healthcare costs
  • Increases timeliness of treatment and decreases transfer rates while reducing medical costs
  • Brings remote in-home monitoring for senior wellness and preventative care via telemedicine
  • Supports “real-time” treatment by those first responders through the use of wireless devices
  • Allows rural residents to receive expert diagnosis and treatment from specialty medical centers
  • Enables more informed decision making and enhanced quality of care by provider and patient
  • Often lives can be saved through remote consultations, whether it’s urgent or diagnostic in nature
  • Convenient and potentially more cost effective delivery of healthcare in a technology driven world

PrognoCIS Telemedicine Important Features

  • Fully integrated EHR and practice management solution; access patient records, document hospital rounds and prescribe medication remotely. Includes Rx Helper, a powerful prescription analytics tool that uses millions of de-identified prescriptions
  • Scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and specialty; cloud-based or client server models deployable. Seamless communication between practice and labs, radiology, pharmacies, and referring doctors
  • Multiple methods of data entry, such as point and click, voice and handwriting recognition; complete scheduling management and health reminders; e-prescription and lab automation. iPhone and iPad compatible; new iPhone App feature: Dragon voice recognition
  • HIPAA and ICD-10 compliant; CCHIT, ONC-ATCB, and Meaningful Use certified; HL-7 interfacing
Customized Telemedicine Mobile App

Add Telemedicine to Your Practice

For pricing and delivery information on PrognoCIS EHR with Integrated Telemedicine mobile app solutions, please contact your sales consultant by calling the number at the top of the page, or fill out this consultation request form and one of our consultants will respond within the next few business hours.

Patient uses Telemedicine to communicate with doctor and monitor blood pressure

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