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Top ICD-10 Codes for Independence Day

Independence Day calls for a bit of familiarization with the new ICD-10 codes. We have provided some new codes you may see this upcoming holiday with a bit of comic relief.

4th of July ICD-10 Codes

America’s favorite holiday weekend is right around the corner, and we’ve got the ICD-10 codes to diagnose all celebratory injuries. A three-day weekend like this generally involves trips to the lake, barbecues, fireworks, and a whole lot of patriotism. Of course, even the most well planned events tend to veer a little off course, but don’t worry: we’ve prepared a handy little guide of potential ICD-10 codes you can use for the patients you might encounter come Monday morning, and some tips you can give them on how they can protect themselves from these situations in the future.

1. Lake Trip
We’re officially two weeks into the summer season, and that means a hot weekend up ahead. A day trip to the nearest lake with family and/or friends is the perfect way to relax and cool down. Keep these tips in mind for patients who have decided to do just that:

E86.0: Dehydration
Just because you’re at the lake, doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring water.

L55.0: Sunburn of first degree
Sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen.

V91.07XA: Burn due to water skis on fire
Stop, drop, and roll probably won’t work when you’re in the middle of the lake on water skis…

V93.29XA: Heat exposure on board watercraft
Bring the darkest sunglasses you have, the widest brimmed hat you can find, or maybe just stay inside and avoid the sun altogether?

W56.51XA: Bitten by other fish
Hey, it’s their holiday weekend too. Leave some lake room for them!


2. Fireworks
The Fourth of July couldn’t possible be complete without at least a few pyrotechnics. Whether your patients choose to set the firecrackers off themselves or watch an elaborate show, there’s bound to be a couple of incidents here and there.

W39.XXXA: Discharge of firework
Don’t stand too close to the fireworks.

H91.90: Unspecified hearing loss
I can’t stress this enough: don’t stand too close to the fireworks.

X97.XXXA: Assault by smoke, fire, and flames


3. Barbecue
A long weekend is the perfect time to bring the whole family together with a backyard barbecue. Of course, getting the teenagers off of their smartphones is going to be a slight challenge, and, we all know what happens when dad goes a little overboard with the grill.

Y92.017: Garden or yard in single-family (private) house as place of occurrence of the external cause
Maybe let the in-laws host this one.

W21.06XA: Struck by volleyball
If you’re like me and have zero hand-eye coordination, you better be good at moving out of the way.

X10.2XXA: Contact with fats and cooking oils
Keep those aprons on at all times!

Y93.G2: Activity, grilling and smoking food
You have the fire extinguisher handy, right?

Z99.89: Dependence on other enabling machines and devices
Seriously, get them away from those phones.

Stay safe, have a fantastic weekend, and Happy Fourth of July from Bizmatics!

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a source of humor regarding ICD-10; however, Bizmatics, Inc. recognizes that these situations can be serious and does not intend any offense towards those who may suffer them.

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