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Why Should You Change to PrognoCIS ? 

  • Tailored Specialty Customized to meet your individual needs.
  • Seamless Migration of data from your current  EHR.
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use Certified.
  • Cost-effective, scalable for individual practice needs.
  • Referral Management system
  • Consultations in office or from home with a built-in app
  • Interactive and intuitive workflow designed to meet patient needs and practice efficiency.
  • Clean customer workflow for each individual staff member with visit/procedure Template library.
  • Continued technological innovation to exceed current standards and meet dynamic industry demands.

PrognoCIS Our Brand

PrognoCIS provides customizable templates that allow physicians to tailor their workflow in accordance with their specific needs and requirements. Through dynamic features like Patient Portal, Medical Billing, RCM, and e-prescription – PrognoCIS streamlines and simplifies the execution of tasks and processes in a physician practice.

Compatible across all devices, other dynamic and powerful solutions offered by PrognoCIS include Practice Management, Telemedicine, Medical Credentialing, e-faxing, and texting.

It would be a pleasure to demonstrate how our Software could streamline your workflow and enhance your patient care.

EHR Software

Electronic health record (EHR) software from PrognoCIS offers a customizable workflow designed for your practice. PrognoCIS EHR also offers medical billing services, telemedicine with custom mobile apps, integrated patient payments, and more.

• Customizable EHR workflow and content for your specialty
• Mature product with 10+ years of EHR performance
• Your choice of cloud and local server based
• Interoperable with your eRx (e-prescription), PACs and lab connectivity
• Scalable from single physician clinics to large, multi-location and specialty
• Time-proven implementation methods for a successful EHR transition

Practice Management

Seamlessly integrating with PrognoCIS EHR, our Practice Management solution allows for quick and easy billing management, which enables your practice to –
• Quickly identify and confirm patient insurance benefit eligibility level and copay
• Work with many different clearinghouses
• Efficiently manage your accounting books
• Easily reconcile patient accounting and insurance billing
• Quick and easy online patient payments and EOB/ERA processing
• Customized Statements

Medical Billing

By using PrognoCIS Medical Billing Services, your practice will benefit from the services provided by our

Credentialing Services

We assist you with provider enrollment and becoming an
in-network provider so that you can receive reimbursements from each carrier.

Revenue Cycle Management

Integrate PrognoCIS Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services with your EHR to combine EHR workflow and payment collections into a simple, single source.

Account Resolution

Accelerate patient communication for shorter billing cycles. This service will accelerate contact with the patient on behalf of the practice.


Medical specialties

Medical Specialty EHR software with easily customizable workflows, templates, and content that works on all devices. You can schedule a live demonstration where we will demonstrate the extraordinary versatility of our EHR software.


PrognoCIS Telemedicine EHR solutions are designed to extend the functions and connectivity of your practice’s EHR software sing integrated mobile applications. Text, email and video work together to make patient engagement only a click away, providing the most convenient working conditions to see more patients at lower costs.

Patient engagement

Patient Portal – PrognoCIS allows patients and practices to connect from any device type that’s connected to the internet – tablets, smartphones, Cs or Macs. Our portal provides secure communication between patients and providers. Medical staff can send messages such as appointment reminders, electronic statements, and lab results to patients.

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