It’s Not Too Late: 2011 Meaningful Use Attestation

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We’re in mid-January and it feels as though 2012 is already in full swing.  Despite being fresh after the New Year, it’s actually not too late to attest to the 2011 Stage 1 Meaningful Use.  Doctors rejoice: if you have already implemented an EMR software solution within the past few months, you still may have time to attest and receive the fullest possible reimbursement amount.

The deadline for 2011 Meaningful Use attestation lies on February 29th, 2012, so depending on where you are at in the criteria fulfillment process, you may be still eligible to attest in time.   Physicians and other eligible practitioners need to have an EMR system in place since October, 2011 to meet the data collection guidelines.  The data collection depends on whether the physician is applying for Medicare or Medicaid.  According to PrognoCIS project manager Trapti Khatwani, Medicare requires 90 days of data collection during the first year and 365 days for the second year.  Medicaid, on the other hand, requires physicians to have a 30% Medicaid patient volume during the first year (20% for pediatrics) and 90 days of data collection the second year.

If you are an eligible practitioner and feel confident about your data collection fulfillment, it is important to attest before the end of February deadline.  The biggest incentive for you to do so is the receipt of a higher reimbursement amount, especially since the publishing of Stage 2 criteria has been delayed until 2013.  “The longer you wait, the less money in reimbursement you’ll receive,” warns PrognoCIS sales rep, Anthony Bates.  As a helpful tool to assist physicians in meeting attestation guidelines, PrognoCIS offers their own free Meaningful Use weekly webinars.  “Go to the CMS website and see if you’re eligible for reimbursement,” Bates encourages physicians, “and after you find out if you’re eligible, give us a call!”

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