5 Ways to Be Thankful to Physicians, Nurses and Care Givers

November 18th, 2019 - By Mandy Chilson

Physicians, nurses, and caregivers are some of the most compassionate and selfless individuals on the planet. They do not expect anything in return for offering high-quality care to the ones we love the most.

They spend hours on their feet, in a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding job, yet strive to give the best at all hours of the day. How can we ever repay such selfless service?

Here are a few ways to be thankful and express your gratitude to those who have a career in healthcare…

Ways to Be Thankful to Caregivers

With the holiday season fast approaching you may be feeling inspired to express your gratitude towards a family doctor, nurse, or caregiver who has changed your life in some way. While a verbal expression of thanks is usually enough for any healthcare provider, it may not seem like enough to you.

It’s important to bear in mind that there are some ethical boundaries with regard to accepting gifts as a healthcare practitioner. In essence, this could blur the lines of professional boundaries. Even if your intentions are good, a physician, nurse or caregiver may feel obligated to turn down any type of gift that is viewed as ”extravagant”.

In this case, here’s are five simple yet fully ethical ways to express your gratitude this festive season:

1. Post a Review Online

A great way to express your thanks and spread the word of a doctor, nurse, or caregiver’s services is with a positive online review. Today the world shares its experiences online more than ever before, so this really is a meaningful way to share your gratitude.

Post a positive review or recommendation on sites such as Doximity or Healthgrades or a doctor’s own website. If feasible, you can ask for their business cards, and hand them out.

2. Share Your Positive Experience on Social Media

Aside from the above-mentioned websites, social media is a fantastic place to spread positive news. Write up a glowing post and be sure to share on your own Facebook page, as well as the practice page or hospital page. Other sites worth sharing on include Twitter and Instagram too.

The power of social media reviews in today’s day and age is almost unrivaled. This is a truly meaningful way to share your thanks and spread the word of their brilliant service.

3. Pay it Forward and Donate

Another simple yet impactful way of expressing your gratitude is by paying it forward to your physician, nurse, or caregiver’s favorite charity. Or perhaps they have a philanthropic cause that they support. Whatever it may be, do a little homework on where you can make your donation and pay it forward in their honor.

4. Small, Practical Gifts

Monetary contributions or donations are a definite no-no when it comes to sharing your thanks. But small gifts of appreciation are still completely acceptable. A great way to make your mark is by gifting a healthcare professional with something that is actually practical to their everyday job.

A simple example of this would be compression socks for your favorite nurse who stands and walks all day, a new, quirky tie for your doctor, or a massage voucher for an ultra hardworking caregiver.

5. Something Delicious

Homemade treats are undoubtedly one of the most thoughtful and personal gifts you can give any healthcare professional – nurses doctors or medical staff. Something along the lines of baked treats is a great idea as they aren’t too expensive, extravagant, and can be easily shared amongst colleagues.


Streamline Your Medical Practice Workflow

There are plenty of simple ways to be thankful to your local healthcare providers, without breaking the bank. We hope this article has provided you with some inspiration for the holiday season.

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