8 Amazing Healthcare Marketing Ideas

April 5th, 2021 /
Andrew Fearnley
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Nowadays, healthcare patients have extra options than ever before; with so much knowledge available online, patients don’t feel the requirement even to visit their nearest hospital. Only for critical and emergencies, they prefer to visit their healthcare practices nearest to them or situated in multiple locations in the community. This makes it quite vital to hire a digital marketing agency that can provide you with structured and budgeted healthcare marketing plans to reach out to new patients in your area at an appropriate moment.

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Even though you are happy with your present patient base, a Healthcare marketing strategy with a planned healthcare marketing plan will help your brand be at the lead of the patient’s mind. Give a thought to all the probable reasons why someone would decide to switch healthcare providers. Reasons could be modified healthcare insurance policies, relocation, dissatisfaction in treatment services, or wait for timings, or they get to hear negative comments. It is not guaranteed always to have a consistent patient base. Hence having a successful healthcare marketing campaign is necessary. 

Healthcare marketing strategy is a leak-proof plan designed by a hired digital marketing agency for doctors, hospitals, healthcare practitioners, providers, and other healthcare marketing executives to adapt and focus on rapid healthcare industry changes. It may cost you some heavy cheques, but eventually, you’ll get a serenity to see an increase in your patient population volumes. To guide you through the route, here are some creative healthcare marketing ideas. Let’s have some detailed information about them:

  1. Develop A Website

Your healthcare practice requires an online presence, where your current and potential patients can spot you. You necessarily don’t require to be an HTML genius to run a customized healthcare website. Online tools, namely WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, are user-friendly, economical, and easy to use to run your customized website. Instead, you can hire a digital marketing agency and experienced web developers who can design and code a website for your organization. How you initiate your healthcare marketing plan depends on your time, budget, comfort level, and skills.

  1. Start with A Blog

Daily, update blogs on your website related to your healthcare services, treatments, and other healthcare practices; it will provide you with an opportunity to meet various needs and interests of people. It comes under the part of content marketing as with the help of writing. You can build your personal brand and showcase who you are and what you provide. In your healthcare marketing strategy, integrate topics like specialty sections, patient stories, advanced technology. 

  1. Build A Page On Social Platforms
social media for medical practices

Online social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In provide you with opportunities to connect with your audience and knowledge them with some daily updates. Sermo, a doctors-only service, can help you build your network with healthcare professionals worldwide and further exhibit expertise in your field. Maintaining a flourishing online presence is regular and consistent online posting on all the social media platforms and keeps interacting with people on social media platforms. It is the most adopted and successful healthcare marketing strategy.

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  1. Wellness Challenge

Initiate a wellness challenge where you challenge your patients and motivate them to post their progress on social media platforms and tag your healthcare organization with a branded hashtag. You can also encourage your patients by awarding them with discount coupons to healthy restaurants, free cost trials at gyms and other fitness supplements and gears for persistent participation. A great example of this creative healthcare marketing idea is a successful healthcare marketing campaign by United Healthcare called “We Dare You”. 

  1. Ratings On Waiting Room Experience

Patients waiting in the waiting room to be seen by physicians are a hostage audience who’ll merely pay attention to any news and brand messaging you would want to deliver to them. Use your waiting room televisions, bulletin boards, and magazines to promote your healthcare services, doctor’s expertise, and other organization updates. The showcased content will be a distraction for patients waiting to be seen, and hence they’ll be more attentive.

  1. Bloggers Relations Campaign

The community of bloggers has been firmly flourishing throughout the years. Bloggers have developed a quality amount of prestige with their readers; in fact, a study says that about 81% of the online population trust the advice they inherit from bloggers. You can partner with tactical bloggers to pass on your messaging in creative ways with their trusted audience. For instance, Vitamin started with an effective bloggers relations campaign for Saint Agnes Healthcare to create awareness for breast cancer awareness month. In that healthcare marketing idea, they partnered with various health, parenting, and lifestyle bloggers who can know their followers about the significance of breast health and the need to get a mammogram. The successful healthcare marketing campaign thrived on spreading a message and raising awareness related to the hospital’s comprehensive breast centers.

  1. Mobilize Healthcare Staff

The doctors, nurses, and other administrative staff at your organizations are the best brand ambassadors for your creative healthcare marketing ideas. They are your most worthwhile communication resource as they stay on the front lines with your patients and their family. Look for some innovative ways to mobilize your staff to promote the organization’s key messaging. Integrate an ” Ask me out ” button on your website where your staff can explain advanced programs and services. Ensure your staff with all the information and details they need to transmit to patients accurately and confidently.

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  1. Develop Strategic Partnerships

It’s better when two minds work together for a collective motive. Whenever an opportunity strikes you to partner with a like-minded organization, grab it. For example, if you aim to boost your presence in a medically underserved community, then interact with regional associations and non-profit organizational communities and see if you both can work together. An effective digital marketing agency can help you get the right partnership with great organizations to provide you with immediate access to a vast patient population to circulate your messaging effectively.


To conclude, a Medical marketing management company will bring various marketing ideas to you, having a healthcare marketing strategy that can help you grow and choose the right fit for your organization. The above-listed creative healthcare marketing ideas will support and enhance your online presence and build your patient population. Initiate with one of the healthcare marketing ideas and let us know how it helped your organization. If we would have skipped on something, feel free to contact us.

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

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