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Good Morning!This week’s newsletter is focused on improving revenue growth for providers. We go over strategies for successful account resolution, capturing the Managed Medicaid market, and harnessing Big Data to work for your practice. We also give our view on the top 7 provisions of the Affordable Care Act likely to stay in 2017.

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What’s Trending in EHR?

Caclulator and Financial Bills

Three Strategies to Promote Sucessful Patient Account Resolution

Learn three powerful strategies to increase patient collections and reduce reliance on collection agencies.

Signing Documents

Increase Revenue Growth by Capturing the Managed Medicaid Care Market

The Managed Medicaid Care Market is a huge opportunity for providers. Learn the basics behind the market and how it can increase opportunities for your practice.

Signing Documents

Big Data in Healthcare, Opportunities and Challenges

Big Data has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Learn about the opportunities and challenges involved in this new field of study.

Signing Documents

Top 7 Affordable Care Act Provisions Likely to Survive 2017

As a followup to our CEO Corner on the Affordable Care Act, we highlight the 7 provisions likely to stay in 2017.

CEO Corner

Vinay Despande

What Parts of the Affordable Care Act Are Nationally Embedded?

Understanding the impact of a new administration on the Affordable Care Act requries an in-depth look at the complex law. Bizmatics CEO Vinay Deshpande pens his thoughts on the status of the Affordable Care Act in 2017.

Webinar Archive

Visit our webinar archive to view the powerpoint slides and recording from our “6 Hidden Gems to Resolve Denied Claims” webinar.

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