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Bizmatics Inc is a privately held company with several hundred employees. We’ve been in the electronic medical record and electronic health record market for over 18 years.

Prognocis EHR System

Who are PrognoCIS 

PrognoCIS EHR Software is a product rich in features with a clinic tailored specialty workflow. PrognoCIS is engineered, owned, and serviced by Bizmatics Inc. The corporation has been headquartered in the Silicon Valley of California since 2001. 
At the core of PrognoCIS EHR infrastructure is a user friendly, clear navigation path to a comprehensive encounter note and is fully certified by CMS.
PrognoCIS Software is a complete HealthCare IT solution for ambulatory medical clinics in a smaller practice setting as well as large group clinics servicing many providers in multi-specialty clinics. PrognoCIS encompasses Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management Services, Electronic Prescriptions, Bilateral Laboratory Interfaces, Patient Portal and Telemedicine as a highlighted list of popular features. 
 Amazon Web Services helps to deliver high security, fast retrievable patient records, and a reliable, stable cloud-based solution providing unmatched client satisfaction.
Equality, diversification, and an open dialog forum promotes and encourages our workforce to drive ideas and deliver solutions to grow and service.

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Meet the PrognoCIS team

the prognocis team
President & CEO

Vinay Deshpande

Vinay brings 30 years of experience in the software industry. His passion for the development of world class products and use of latest technology is a driving force behind PrognoCIS.



Rajiv  Apte

Rajiv is co-founder and CTO of Bizmatics. He brings in 30 years of vast experience in the software product development.


Executive Vice President

Chris Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson has 32+ years of healthcare experience. He was the founder and CEO of EMR Experts, where his application of EMR sales and deployment was mastered.


VP Sales & Strategic Accounts

Kempton Stephens

Mr. Stephens has been with Bizmatics since 2003 and for 15 years prior, ran his own business, customizing and delivering medical software solutions.

VP Sales & Business Development

Ramesh Murthy

Ramesh joined Bizmatics in February of 2005, in his role, Ramesh focuses on new strategic areas for growth, in addition to the historical Business Development functions.

VP of Customer Support & Compliance

Andrey Ostashko

In this role, Andrey works directly with our customer support team to continually improve our service and retention levels through oversight of our customer support organization.

Sales Director

Mandy Chilson Mandy Chilson

Mandy has worked with EHR’s in the nursing field for 10 plus years before becoming a project manager for PrognoCIS which then lead to the Sales Dept.

Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Kristen Nehk
Kristen Nekh

A Masters in Healthcare Administration and close to 20 years experience in the medical field. Her experience allows her to give valuable feedback and individualized practice guidance. 

VP of Customer Support & Compliance

In this role, Andrey works directly with our customer support team to continually improve our service and retention levels through oversight of our customer support organization.

Press Releases

PrognoCIS Customer Success Stories

Most clinics face similar challenges with their EHR and Billing.  A few examples of our customer’s journeys through implementation, training and working with Prognocis EHR.  We hope it provides a better understanding of our commitment to customer care.

Prognocis Happy customer

Dr Markle and Hinshaw Franklin, NC

 “Dr Hinshaw has been using PrognoCIS since the past 2 years and has been extremely satisfied with this EHR. PrognoCIS solutions have helped increase the financial health of his practice while also helping him in provide excellent patient care.”

Read More

Dr MarkleHinshaw Franklin

Event Calendar

Come visit our booth at one of these upcoming trade shows and learn about PrognoCIS electronic health record software solutions:






The Changing Landscape of E/M Codes in 2021: What You Need To Know

Presenters: Kristen Nehk & Melissa Castillo

Wednesday, September 30th 2020

10:00 AM PST




Occupational Health 101: How To Use Employer Tools Effectively

Presenters: Monica Walker

Wednesday, October, 14th, 2020

11:00 AM PST





We value our employees’ ability to take initiative and seek to hire lifelong learners who are motivated to stay current with the ever-changing technology landscape. We offer a complete range of custom employee benefit plans, including health insurance, personal vacation time, and sick leave. Of course, we’re an equal opportunity employer.

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If you are trying to log into a patient portal for your personal medical records, please contact your doctor’s office for instructions. Thank you

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