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June 29th, 2017 - By Matt Garnese

We strive to keep user base informed about all improvements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest enhancements to PrognoCIS save administrative time and help to prevent manual errors in selecting prescription drugs, simplify the importation of patient insurance information, and have created a new group and user types to make group and user data easier to find.

One-Click Access to Quick Comprehensive Drug Search

Quickly and easily find the Equivalent Active Rx for active and inactive drugs with one simple click on the Comprehensive Drug Search icon within the Drug Search pop-up on the Prescription screen. In addition to the comprehensive list of drugs to search, the user can also narrow the search by applying filters for Description, Alternates, Abbreviations and acronyms, Obsolete Brands, Medication Description, Generic for Brand, Brand for Generic, and Alternate brand.

Search by entering the drug name (at least three letters) into the search field. Once you find the drug you’re searching for, check the box in the Select column, and the drug is added to the Prescription screen.

Prescription and Current Medication Screen Improvements

Inactivated Drugs in Search List Update:

Drugs that have been inactivated within the last three years will still be listed.

Drugs that have been inactive for more than three years do not appear.

Restriction of sending inactive drugs error messaging :
To prevent manual errors and save time, the sending of inactive drugs through eRx is restricted. If you accidentally try to save an inactive drug on the Prescriptions screen, you will find these messages. These messages are customizable.

Other New EHR Software Enhancements

In addition to the above enhancements to the Prescriptions screen, the following enhancements have been made:

  • Illinois State is now included in the process that exports vaccines using web services
  • A new Group Type, ‘Complain Classification’, has been added to Settings → Configuration → Group Types
  • Employer group patient management: To assign the ‘Unspecified’ (default) department to all Employers or Patients who have Employer assigned in the EMR Module as diagnostics #110.
  • Patient Insurance Importing: now is now imported by External ID only. While importing Insurance through Patient Insurance import, the following conditions are checked:
    • If the Insurance Company’s External ID that comes in .xml is present.
    • If the External ID is not found in PrognoCIS, a new record of that External ID is added in Insurance Master.
    • If more than one record is found, an error message, “Insurance Company Duplicate External Id.” is displayed during Insurance import.
    • If the Insurance Company’s External ID is missing from .xls, an error message, “Insurance Company External Id. missing.” is displayed during Insurance import.
  • User Types for User Messages: ‘MA’ and ‘ST’ are now supported in Name field under Messages →Attach Center →Attach To Message
  • Special characters for User IDs: @, !, ~, (, ), , \, /, $, *, ., -, # are allowed to use as User ID on login detail screen under Settings  →Configuration  →Login Details  →UserId or Patient’s Register  →click Login Info icon  →UserId

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