Kaiser Family Foundation releases a poll that relates to how much the American public really understands the Affordable Care Act. Key provisions such as raised age for dependent coverage are important for the public to understand to make informed decisions.

The American Public & Affordable Care Act

This past month, a poll was released by the Kaiser Family Foundation stating that 50% of uninsured adults between the ages of 18 and 64 had no plans to sign up for coverage. The survey also shows that 47% of uninsured report they have been uninsured for 5 years or more, and 18% report that they’ve never had coverage in their lifetime.

This Kaiser Family Foundation poll has brought up some concerns regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). How much does the public really understand about the ACA? About one-third of the uninsured said that they didn’t know that the law requires that nearly all Americans have health insurance. Approximately 60% didn’t know about the March 31 deadline. Slightly fewer than half of the adults participating in the poll were aware that the ACA provides the states with the option to expand Medicaid enrollment. 40% were also not aware that the law provides subsidies to help purchase health insurance for low and moderate-income individuals.

However, the Obama administration is making progress in the pursuit to educate the American public. There has been over a 10% decline in disapproval of the bill between February and March. Of those who fully understand what the bill entails, 80% like the fact that the bill allows adults to remain on their parents’ insurance plan up to age 26, and 77% approve of the subsidies for low and moderate income families.

Unfortunately, most Americans remain unaware of these provisions that the Obama administration has made. More than 70% are unaware of the raised age for dependent coverage and 63% don’t know about the subsidies that are available to them.

If the ACA is going to succeed, the Obama administration will need to continue to promote the bill and educate the American population about the rewards and consequences for not participating. The Obama administration has announced that it’ll be establishing a “special enrollment period,” allowing people who haven’t yet completed enrollment by March 31 to receive an extension of the deadline.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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