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Allergy EHR software from PrognoCIS offers a workflow designed for your practice. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is an association of over 6,000 professionals dedicated to improving patient care and treatment outcomes. You can find us in the ACAAI buyer’s guide.

Allergy EHR Software Workflow and Content:

  • Types of allergens: inhaled, ingested, contact, with reactionary causes and symptoms; risks and benefits of allergy testing.
  • PrognoCIS Allergy Electronic Health Records templates to include but not limited to allergy types: food, seasonal, pet, and drug.
  • Allergy skin testing and blood tests for allergies
  • Treatment workflow: antihistamines, decongestants, anticholinergic nasal allergy sprays, steroid nasal sprays, allergy shots, mast cell inhibitors, dehumidifiers for allergies, leukotriene inhibitors.
  • Allergy EHR software includes common HPI complaints: asthma, eczema, testing templates; environmental and food allergens.
  • Patient educations materials are available: asthma triggers and management; or import your own.
  • Our Allergy EHR software is HIPAA compliant, ICD-10 compliant, and Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified