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As technology has advanced, the general population has become increasingly reliant on it, using it for every aspect of their lives. Important documents, digital music files, high resolution pictures, etc. have resulted in the accumulation of large amounts of data, leaving people to face the challenge of how to store it. Though external devices such as compact discs and hard drives are available, the use of cloud storage to resolve this issue has grown significantly over the past several years. Hosted by third-party operators who lend their space to users, the cloud allows remote storage of data, making it easy for users to access it without taking up infinite space on their computer’s hard drives.

Data Server vs. Cloud Storage

Medical professionals deal with sensitive data on a daily basis. Patient records and financial information need to be handled securely and efficiently, with little room for vulnerability or error. With the use of a data server, information is accessible only where the server is installed – usually at the office. When records need to be updated, additional measures must be taken to access them. If data is lost at any point, it cannot be recovered, leaving providers in a tough situation. Data servers can also be more expensive for practices, as they’re burdened, not only with the cost of system implementation, but also IT support and continuous maintenance. Instead, they can benefit from using cloud-based storage because of the secure system, low cost, and quick back-up of information. is an electronic commerce company known as one of the largest online retailers, selling a variety of products including books, software, videogames, and more. In addition to this, they provide a cloud-based storage system for all account holders. The cloud is widely accessible from any web browser or mobile gadget. Users can log into their account on the website, download a desktop application, or a mobile app on their Android or iPhone devices. They can edit files from distant locations, on the go, and all information will be automatically synced.

Benefits of Using Amazon Cloud:

  • Cost effective: Users pay an annual fee to lease as much space as they require and renew as needed.
  • Automatic back-up: Information is easily backed up in the cloud with the simple click of a button.
  • Remote access: Files are available even when the user is away from the computer, through the use of mobile applications.
  • Share and edit files: Users can share files with others and allow them to collaborate on and edit documents; changes are automatically synced so that all users can immediately see them.
  • Synced files: When editing a file on a tablet, the information will automatically be synced with your mobile phone, desktop, etc.
  • Easy recovery: Backups of all files are available in case of lost data, allowing users to effortlessly restore pertinent information.
  • Secure system: Data encryption ensures that confidential information is only available to users who are authorized to access those files.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

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  1. The rising use of technology has changed the healthcare industry – both good and bad. Protecting online patient data, for instance, is one thing that we have to worry about now. I think it’s important to only enter your personal data in websites that are HTTP Secure. What else should you consider when entering your personal data online?

  2. Data Storage and Security is paramount to technology progress and confidence. Confidence in this case meaning security of knowledge and knowing your data is private and safe. By PrognoCIS using a top rated company like Amazon to host the data in the cloud is very smart in my opinion. Amazon has a long reputation of doing things “Right”. Great Job PrognoCIS.

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