Author: Deeya Ranjan | May 24th, 2018 | Provision to attach documents on Patient Portal

Provision to attach a document or send reference link from My Health Records App

Attach documents on Patient Portal

Attach documents on Patient Portal

PrognoCIS takes a step further to enhance their Patient Portal App. We released a new feature which allows patients to attach their past medical records or any other documents from the Patient Portal App and send it to the clinic for review. The feature was already available on the browser version of Patient Portal. We have just made the same feature available on the mobile app too.

Earlier the Patient could attach documents or send reference link from Patient Portal web browser only. Now this provision has been added to the Patient Portal App i.e. My Health Records as well.

A new Attach Documents icon has been provided on the Home screen of My Health Records App. A tap on this icon would invoke the screen in the same manner as Attach Documents screen on Patient Portal web.




To attach a document:

The patient has to tap on the Attach option, select the Category of the document, enter Subject, and attach the required document by tapping on Attach button.

It is mandatory for a Patient to select the Category.

The list of file extensions that are allowed to be attached is displayed in red below the Attach button.




Attachment list
To send a Reference Link:

The patient has to tap on the Reference Link option then on the invoked popup, enter the required reference link and notes, and tap on the Attach button.

Document List section

All the attached documents are displayed in this section. It displays information such as Category, Subject, Status, Reason, and Date of the document. To preview any document, the Patient has to tap on the zoom icon.

The Patient also has provision to sort the attached documents list in ascending or descending order of Date, Category, or Subject



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