EPCS: For Improved Patient Safety and Care

Designed to give medical practitioners more freedom when prescribing medication, the Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances (EPCS) allows for safe dispensing of regulated medications. Physicians are still required to adhere to strict guidelines when prescribing these medicines, many of which might be opioids. Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances provides a more efficient and secure method … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Market your Medical Practice

Medical practice is mainly about patient care but like any other business, it is important to market your practice to thrive in today’s dynamic, ever-evolving world. Let’s be honest – Without patients, there is no medical practice. So apart from ensuring that your patients return to you for ongoing care (through high-quality treatments and compassionate … Read more

Physicians writing fewer initial Opioid prescriptions

Listen to our latest podcast below. Para escuchar en español haz click AQUÍ. Transcript: While the number of first-time prescriptions for opioids has dropped substantially in response to the opioid crisis, some medical providers prescribe the medications at higher doses and durations than recommended, a new study finds. At the same time, some patients who … Read more

3 Major Elements of Patient Engagement

The more a patient engages and gets involved in healthcare and in the decision-making process, the greater are the chances for healthier, happier, and satisfying outcomes. High-quality patient engagement increases the quality and continuity of care. Healthcare organizations across the country are leveraging various means of patient engagement to achieve these benefits. According to HealthIT.gov, … Read more

In-house Medical Billing with Outsourced Services

To increase revenue, save time and decrease the costs associated with billing, many medical facilities and private practices are choosing to outsource their revenue cycle management (RCM) and medical billing. When these tasks are outsourced to a reputable medical billing services company, patients receive the same cordial communication provided through an in-house billing department, but … Read more

6 Commonly Asked Questions about Telemedicine

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly important in healthcare, largely because it offers a convenient and integrated experience for patients. Many doctors still have questions about telemedicine, especially when it comes to using the technology and the laws that govern it. Once considered pie-in-the-sky technology, telemedicine is expanding rapidly. The global telemedicine industry was worth more than $38 … Read more

Weekly Podcast: Marketing strategies for a medical practice.

Welcome prognocis podcast. This week we discuss Marketing for your medical practice. Welcome to PrognoCIS, healthcare headlines, the story today, Marketing strategies for medical practice. In the past decade, the approach to marketing and healthcare has changed. The first thing patients, do when they need medical assistance is they searched the internet. That’s why each … Read more

Employee Health and Wellness: For Workplace Success

Numerous research studies show that employee health and wellness are crucial for workplace success. Businesses whose employees spend time away from work due to illness cost employers more in revenue. Employers are paying their employee for sick days while also hiring a temporary worker to complete the job of that employee. The former CEO of Blue Cross … Read more

Prognocis Podcast A.I. HHS Safe Harbor & Patient Experience

Welcome to the PrognoCIS podcast. In this podcast we will cover the following topics 1. A.I. Won’t Worsen Health Disparities But It MaySafeguard the Doctor-Patient Relationship Listen to podcast  2.HHS proposes ending safe-harbor for biopharma-pharmacybenefit manager rebates. Listen to podcast 3.Customer experience translates to Patient Experience inmedical care. Listen to podcast Versión en español disponible … Read more

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