Telemedicine and EHR Integration with Wearable Technology

People have fallen in love with fitness and showing off their progress with a seemingly endless variety of wearable products. These devices have a wide assortment of functionality, from measuring heart rate to monitoring how many calories they have burned, to counting the number of steps taken – they can even detect abnormalities in sleep patterns. They have … Read more

Credentialing Your Medical Practice For Provider Enrollment

Starting your own practice is an exciting process that may seem complicated from the get-go: finding the perfect location, building your brand, and achieving profitability. One of the most important first steps on the road to financial success is fulfilling your provider enrollment—becoming affiliated with insurance companies so that you can receive third-party reimbursement. Credentialing … Read more

How to Get Your Staff Prepared for EMR Transition?

Major changes require employee “buy-in” Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of implementing an electronic medical records (EMR) system is managing its effect on the staff. According to a study by executive search firm Korn/Ferry International, one of the most common mistakes that executives make when joining a company or making changes is failing … Read more

Patient Portal Benefits to an Electronic Medical Record System

As the healthcare industry shifts its focus to Electronic Medical Records, many forward-thinking practices are asking EMR vendors about “Patient Portals.” A portal can be thought of as a gateway or door (in the form of a web interface) to related sets of data, content, and web services. Some well-known portals include Google, MSN, and Yahoo … Read more

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