How Healthcare Portals are Gateways to Communication and Quality Care

Healthcare Portals Are the First Step in creating Patient – Engagement Electronic healthcare is the next frontier in patient-provider and sometimes employer and attorney engagement. The effective utilization of all the available portals is the first step towards creating an effective communication and providing quality care to the patients. With the focus of healthcare systems on enhancing … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) delivers powerful insights through Healthcare data

Artificial intelligence (AI) propelled by increasing availability of data and analytics is creating a revolution in the way technology works in solving complex problems. The fact that it utilizes, both structured and unstructured data to deliver powerful, conclusive result makes it highly sought after in areas of healthcare, entertainment, finance, transportation and more. Thanks to … Read more

5 tools to make Occupational Medicine faster, easier and cost-effective

  Occupational medicine is the field of medicine that focuses on the treatment and prevention of work related injuries and illnesses. The goal of occupational health and safety specialists is to build safe, injury- free workplace resulting in increased participation of employees in their workplace and a stronger, trustworthy employer-employee relationship. They achieve this by … Read more

What is Telemedicine and it’s impact on EHR

Telemedicine is a revolutionary healthcare technology focusing on providing remote healthcare services to patients by connecting them with physicians through text, email, and video. Key benefits associated with telemedicine are, convenience, accessibility, comfort, and cost-efficiency resulting in exceptional quality health care. Telemedicine innovation is changing the landscape of traditional health according to PRNewswire and the Global … Read more

How to Optimize Medical Billing Services with Revenue Cycle Management

  The purpose of this paper is to align our services more closely with the needs of our customers and to make this information publicly available. The research, performed by our staff researchers, focused on some of our key competitors in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) market, and their offerings, which resulted in a value score of each RCM company. … Read more