EHR Software Drives Significant Improvements In HIV/AIDS Treatment

In honor of AIDS Awareness Month, let’s take some time to consider the progress that has been made in the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS. The most recent data, presented in an article from Bakersfield News, suggests that while the disease is more treatable than ever, the cases, especially of young people, contracting the disease, … Read more

Integrated Online Payments For EHR Software

Are you looking to set up online patient payments for your medical practice? We partner with Integrity systems to deliver a set of patient payment tools for the collection of patient co-pays and outstanding balances at the point of care. Within PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, you can easily accept credit card payments and … Read more

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New ARRA Dashboard, Import Data Sorted by NPI, Custom Patient Letters

Greetings from PrognoCIS! The latest set of software enhancements deliver improved functionality for MACRA reporting, organizing lab/radiology data, and patient engagement. In order to improve your experience as a healthcare provider, our team is constantly making efforts to update and streamline PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software. ARRA Dashboard, Encounter-Level Dashboard Available For 2017 Performance … Read more

Medical Credentialing and Other Steps to Joining Workers’ Comp Networks

Getting your practice properly vetted through medical credentialing practices is a necessary step for all medical specialties, and in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, this is the primary means by which you can join Workers’ Compensation Networks, such as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), or an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). In a recent series of articles … Read more

Revenue Cycle Management Tips For Occupational Medicine Clinics

As a medical practitioner in Occupational and Environmental Health, your efforts are dedicated to the treatment and prevention of illness and injury in the workplace, which leads to increased productivity among workers. Due to the high volume of patients seen, Occupational Medicine clinics have a unique set of challenges related to medical billing and revenue … Read more

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5 Most Common Errors in Medical Billing and Coding

In case you missed it, here is the text version of a recent PrognoCIS Webinar, titled “5 Ways To Avoid Billing & Coding Errors.” In it, we discuss Revenue Cycle Management, and the best practices to avoid claims denials in medical billing and coding. You can also view a recording of the webinar. 1: The … Read more

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EHR Innovation to Increase Efficiency in Healthcare

Over the last few years, a growing number of doctors have expressed dissatisfaction about the results of adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. While the administrative and organizational benefits of moving from pen and paper to computer technology are clear, many practitioners feel that the use of EHR technology has brought with it its own … Read more

Promoting Mental Health In Your Practice’s Work Environment

This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is mental health in the workplace. Good mental health in the workplace contributes to increased productivity, stronger coworker relationships, and helps save on costly employee healthcare. According to a recent article from, it was revealed that about one in four Americans cited their work environment as … Read more

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