New ARRA Dashboard, Import Data Sorted by NPI, Custom Patient Letters

Greetings from PrognoCIS! The latest set of software enhancements deliver improved functionality for MACRA reporting, organizing lab/radiology data, and patient engagement. In order to improve your experience as a healthcare provider, our team is constantly making efforts to update and streamline PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software. ARRA Dashboard, Encounter-Level Dashboard Available For 2017 Performance … Read more

Medical Credentialing and Other Steps to Joining Workers’ Comp Networks

Getting your practice properly vetted through medical credentialing practices is a necessary step for all medical specialties, and in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, this is the primary means by which you can join Workers’ Compensation Networks, such as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), or an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). In a recent series of articles … Read more

Revenue Cycle Management Tips For Occupational Medicine Clinics

As a medical practitioner in Occupational and Environmental Health, your efforts are dedicated to the treatment and prevention of illness and injury in the workplace, which leads to increased productivity among workers. Due to the high volume of patients seen, Occupational Medicine clinics have a unique set of challenges related to medical billing and revenue … Read more

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Medication Adherence Improves Outcomes For Type 2 Diabetes

A July 2017 study presented by the American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) examined the positive impact that medication adherence had on a patient with diabetes. Electronic Health Records (EHR) software often includes features to assist the process of prescribing medications and making sure your patients adhere to their prescriptions. If you practice internal medicine … Read more

Improved EHR Interoperability Through Common Data Model

The American Medical Association (AMA) launched a new platform recently, the Integrated Health Model Initiative (IHMI), which they say will help the healthcare industry move closer to a common model for organizational health data and pave the way to improving interoperability in healthcare. Interoperability is especially important in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) industry, because … Read more

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