Lower the Cost of Employee Care with Occupational Telemedicine


Businesses that provide medical benefits for their employees face a variety of challenges. These businesses want to provide high quality, and easily accessible healthcare to their employees, but high costs associated with that care, sometimes creates an impact on the business’s annual budget. Likewise, employees frequently opt for benefit plans with high deductibles, which, while … Read more

PrognoCIS EHR MACRA Certified

In the latest Bizmatics press release, which was picked up by the San Jose Mercury News, we are excited to announce that PrognoCIS EHR has officially completed MACRA certification, and updates have been deployed to all our physicians using PrognoCIS. To receive a positive MIPS payment, medical practices must submit 90 days (the deadline to … Read more

Celebrating National Health IT Week with PrognoCIS

We are happy to announce that we are participating with HIMSS in National Health IT (NHIT) Week, a time year to increase awareness for health information technology by sharing your stories and showing your passion for technology in healthcare. Through interoperability, telemedicine, patient engagement, healthcare technology has changed for the better the way you treat … Read more

Urology EHR Use Facilitates Active Surveillance as Surgery Substitute

In the Spirit of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to remember how Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems can improve your urology practice’s workflow with a variety of templates and customized content, such as patient treatment plans, kidney CT scans, and cryotherapy for prostate conditions. In a recent study published by the National Institute of … Read more

How Your Medical Records Remain Secure During Natural Disasters

During natural disasters healthcare demands are much higher, the ability to treat patients quickly is key to meeting these demands. Determining the best course of medical action in a timely fashion requires secure and reliable access to patient records such as allergies and medications. Using Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, you can be sure that … Read more

Medical Credentialing Tips and Best Practices

Are you, or is anyone you know, starting a medical practice? One of the most important first steps in creating a financially stable practice is completing your provider enrollment, becoming affiliated with insurance companies in order to receive reimbursement for medical services. Medical Credentialing is a process whereby insurance networks check to make sure that … Read more

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Increased Patient Engagement and Shortened Administration Time

We make it our goal to keep our providers informed about the latest enhancements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest changes improve the practice’s capabilities for patient engagement, transferring lab reports, logging prescription data for audits, and applying billing codes. Quick and Simple Patient Greeting Emails This enhancement allows further engage with your patients by … Read more

Are There Enough Minority Organ Donors in the USA?

As we enter Minority Donor Awareness Week, let’s take some time to reflect on how racial demographics apply to organ donors and recipients. In order to raise awareness with your patients, you may want to take some time to discuss their organ donor status, and how they can help increase availability and make waiting list … Read more

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