Improved Back To School Workflow with EHR Software

August 8th, 2017 - By Chris Ferguson

It’s almost that time of year again: back to school. During the next few weeks, parents will start buying school supplies and new clothes for their kids and getting them their physical exams and vaccinations in preparation a new school year. Likewise, many students will be beginning the new year playing school sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer and will need pre-participation physicals.

For those of you working in primary care, pediatric medicine, occupational medicine, or a family practice, back to school may be your busiest time of year. To get your young student patients the necessary care they need (and to make their parents’ lives easier), let’s take a look at a few ways your EHR software can help simplify your back-to-school workflow.

Vaccinations, Forms, Templates, and Workflows

The vaccinations that students are required to have before beginning a new school year varies from state to state. You can find a list of the vaccines most states require here, on the NIH Medline Plus website. Often EHR solutions will include an immunization auto coder and tracker, Customized SOAP note templates, as well as printable standard forms for school physicals and Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT).

Due to increasing childhood obesity, it is important to have an EHR that tracks growth chart data, vitals and laboratory results, and clinical quality measures. These can be very useful during a back-to-school physical exam in order to ensure that the child is at a healthy weight and to develop a health plan with parents if needed.

Along with students, teachers are often required by law to receive immunizations before beginning the school year, particularly influenza vaccine. To stay updated, the CDC updates its vaccination schedules annually for both teachers and children. For doctors working in occupational medicine, it’s important to verify that your EHR has the workflows for pre-employment physicals, medical surveillance, and drug and alcohol testing as they may be required for teachers.

Ease Administrative Burden with Outsourced Medical Billing Services

During busy times of the year, with an influx of patients who require physical exams and vaccinations, medical billing duties can have a noticeable impact on the administration of the medical practice. Many practices benefit from outsourcing these duties to a third party, enabling them to focus on connecting with their patients and providing services without having to worry about the nuances of payment collections.
Along with its EHR, PrognoCIS offers a suite of medical billing services with Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) that combine payment collections with EHR workflows into a simple, single source.

Whether you work in family medicine, pediatric medicine, occupational medicine or primary care, having an EHR software that provides the necessary templates, forms, and workflows for back to school will help your patients get the care they need in the most efficient way possible. Along with medical billing services and RCM, you can provide care to your patients without the added administrative burden of medical billing tasks.

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