Best Electronic Medical Records Software Companies

Best Electronic Medical Records Software Companies

According to one recent study, physicians spend an average of about 4.5 hours every single day on the same task: completing electronic health records. Imagine what you could do if you had an extra 4.5 hours every day (or about 22 hours per week) to instead spend directly attending to patients. 

Based on that, it’s no surprise that the electronic health records solution market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7% every year between now and 2032. Sophisticated EHR and EMR platforms like PrognoCIS are designed to help address issues like these and more. 

All the best electronic medical records software companies promise to help you do more with less. They help you take the electronic records that are already better than their paper-based alternatives and use them to craft a better practice. 

Technology moves quickly – especially in a field as fast-paced as healthcare. The needs of patients are evolving rapidly, as are their expectations regarding what their healthcare providers should be able to do for them. 

All that is to say that the list of the best electronic medical records companies may vary wildly from one year to the next as organizations embrace change in different ways. 

What are the Top 5 EMR Software Companies for 2024?

PrognoCIS EHR, TherapyNotes, Sevocity, Practice fusion, Optum

Prognocis EHR Logo

Powered by the EMR software company Bizmatics, PrognoCIS is a tool built to optimize physician practice efficiency and increase revenue. It does this in service of the most important goal of all: exponentially increasing patient care across the board.

Sevocity EMR Software Logo

As is true with a lot of the other names on this list, Sevocity's tool includes extensive integrations with existing practice billing software. It offers a high level of customization that a small physician practice in particular would benefit from, and also offers free data migration from legacy systems as well.

Top EHR Vendor - Practice Fusion logo

Practice Fusion is an entirely web-based platform, which means that anything you need can be accessed via a browser as opposed to installed software. That includes charts, schedules, medical histories, and more.

Optum EHR Software Logo

This organization's solution offers tools aimed at robust health analytics, better claims management, more thorough record documentation, and more.

How to Conduct an Effective EHR Company Assessment

As you dive deeper into the best electronic medical records companies and their solutions, it’s always important to make a fair comparison. Not all EHR tools are created equally – but they’re not necessarily designed to be, either. 

Niche vs Customizable: Small EHR companies tend to offer more niche-driven tools, while the larger EMR software companies may lean into EHR integration and a high level of customization that essentially lets you build the platform you need from the ground up. 

Prioritize Your Needs: When comparing two tools, don’t assume that one is better than the other just because it has more features. It may have more features on paper – but how many of them actually matter to your physician practice? Instead, make a list of what you need an EMR software company to provide. Write out all the things you want to be able to do that you cannot do right now. Then, go through the list of the best electronic health records companies and see which ones offer the most from your list. Only then will you be able to conduct the most effective EMR software company assessment possible. 

Questions You Should Always Ask Your EHR Company

When you invest in this type of tool, you need more than just a piece of software. The EMR software company behind it should be ready to act as a legitimate partner to your physician practice in every sense of the term. They shouldn’t just provide you with an electronic health records platform and end the relationship there. They should be willing to stand by your side today, tomorrow, and well into the future. 

To make sure you’re finding an organization that is prepared to act as the partner you need, ask questions like the following:

Having an Electronic Health Record solution that is user friendly is important, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a bit of a learning curve. Your EHR company should be ready to help train your users to get the most out of your investment.

PrognoCIS, for example, is fully HIPAA-compliant. If the software you’re using isn’t compliant with HIPAA, your physician practice isn’t, either. Don’t let yourself forget that.

Pricing should always be transparent and make sense given your unique needs. PrognoCIS pricing, for example, begins at $280 per month. 

Scale Your Practice with Specialized Software

Explore our Specialty EHR software that offers easily customizable workflows, templates, orders, integrations, and reports that cater to the needs of your specialty.

The Key Benefits of the Best EHRs

  • Elevated Patient Care: Likely the most important benefit that the best electronic medical records companies like PrognoCIS bring to your practice involves significantly improved patient care. Think about how helpful it would be to have every key piece of information that you need to run your practice located under one proverbial roof. If you need to pull up a patient’s entire medical history to make a treatment plan, it’s there. If you need to securely communicate with another specialist for the purposes of collaboration, you can. Invoices can be generated instantly and payments accepted electronically. 

    Appointment reminders get sent out automatically. Another study indicated that about 75% of current patients reported happily using some type of online patient portal. Another 78% of them said that they were willing to use secure online payments. 59% of those in the millennial generation even said they’d be willing to switch healthcare providers for better access to online resources. 

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Patients want access to these digital tools. They’ve made their opinion loud and clear. EMR software companies like PrognoCIS allow you to give them what they want, all while doing so in the most user friendly way possible with an eye towards data security as well. 

  • Improved Patient Safety: In an over-arching sense, working with the best electronic medical records companies also gives you a chance to improve patient safety moving forward, too. When critical patient data is available securely and in one place, everything a doctor needs to make the most accurate recommendation possible is readily available. 

    EHR platforms like PrognoCIS are also built to help reduce medical errors, like ordering duplicate tests or prescribing the wrong medication. This all feeds back into the larger idea of improving patient care, which is always a top priority of everyone involved. 

EHR Starting at

How to Know Which EHR Software Best Fits Your Practice

  • Unlocking Data Value for Efficiency

    In the end, most healthcare professionals all have the same basic goals in mind. They want to embrace digitization while also preserving data security. They need to extract more value from their patient data, freeing up the valuable time of their employees to focus on more important matters. They need to increase patient engagement to not only keep a steady stream of new people coming through the door, but to keep them coming back again and again. 

  • The Unique Needs of Each Practice

    Of course, how every physician practice will go about accomplishing these goals can vary wildly – which is something that the best EMR software companies know and support. The needs of an internal medicine professional are very different from those working in an urgent care setting. A cardiologist looks at patient engagement differently than an OB-GYN. That’s another quality that makes PrognoCIS an industry-leading EMR software company. The platform can be customized for virtually any specialty you can name, all in service of allowing you and your people to do their best work, absolutely no exceptions. 

    If all this sounds like exactly what your practice has been missing, the team at PrognoCIS is always happy to help. Click here to schedule your 30 or 50-minute demo to see what PrognoCIS can do for you. As always, we’re also available to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have. 
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What Our Customers say

Jerri Patterson
Jerri PattersonNP, Integrated Pain Solutions
Read More
"In the ever-changing world of medicine, a collaborative working relationship is tantamount – and Bizmatics has gone over and above for us...I can pick up the phone anytime, discuss a problem, and come up with a solution with their team... For a pain management practice, it’s the way to go."
Dr. Hardeep Minhas
Dr. Hardeep MinhasDPM, NWI Foot and Ankle CLinic
Read More
“The overall software experience with PrognoCIS has been excellent. The ability to transition seamlessly between EMR and billing with a single ‘click of a button’ is a standout feature...Integrating EMR and billing in one place has been a game-changer and significant improvement.”
Dr. Joseph Ciuffo
Dr. Joseph CiuffoMD, HealthCor Corporate Medical Services
Read More
"With the built-in Employer Protocols, our EHR system is automatically customized for each client’s account. The staff know exactly what to do from check-in to check-out, so training is easy. After services are performed, information can be quickly disseminated to the ordering client and patient. PrognoCIS has completely changed the way we work."
Dr. Sasha Davidson
Dr. Sasha DavidsonMD, Signature Perinatal
Read More
"PrognoCIS EHR has given us the ability to customize our own notes and templates... Progress notes, Ultrasound Reports, Important Patient Messages etc. are all stored in the document list, which can be filtered to find exactly what you need, without having to scroll a lot of through unnecessary documents, saving time."
Dr. Marc Cheng
Dr. Marc ChengMD
Read More
“I have worked with PrognoCIS for about 10 years and have really enjoyed the support and product. The EMR is very convenient for me to access everything I need to make clinical decisions quickly. Ordering test, completing my chart, and sending electronic prescriptions are some of my favorite features...I highly recommend PrognoCIS."
Dr. Ziba Monfared
Dr. Ziba MonfaredMD
Read More
"Using the PrognoCIS EMR system has enabled me quick access to my patient's records and avoid the hassles of looking for patient information which ultimately helped me with better care and at an efficient time. I have found PrognoCIS more beneficial visually, better interaction and communication with my patients."

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