Purchasing an EMR could have many possible outcomes. Best case scenario: the EMR matches the tempo and rhythm of your practice workflow, promotes inter and intra-office communication and data exchange and the doctor gets their incentive reimbursement. Worst case scenario: the EMR is incompatible with workflow and ends up being a waste of time, effort and money, forcing the doctor to purchase another one. To achieve your best possible outcome, follow these valuable tips that will help you select the perfect EMR for your practice:

  1. Find an EMR vendor that allows for one-stop shopping: “Make sure the vendor’s product has all the functionality and features that fulfills all the needs of your practice, such as EMR, faxing, and can interface with outside companies like labs,” advises Bizmatics sales rep Jeff Baker. A truly integrated product, PrognoCIS offers an all-in-one solution, providing EMR, schedules, billing, and ability to scan documents.
  2. Go with an EMR vendor that has received the latest in government certification: This is important so you can qualify for incentives and because you know from a functionality and technology standpoint that it will be tried, true and tested in a market. “We do have all our latest government Certifications for PrognoCIS: CCHIT and the latest ONC certifications,” says Baker.
  3. Make sure the EMR vendor is going to be compatible with the latest technology: “You want to be state of the art with your practice,” says Baker, “and staying ahead means having the latest gadgets like iPads, mobile devices.” The database platform on which PrognoCIS is written is a Microsoft SQL platform. “The client platform can work with PCs, iPad and Mac, allowing you to use system you’re most comfortable with.”
  4. Look for the best vendor and best software for your practice: Find a vendor that has the flexibility to work within the confines of your business and also make sure the vendor has the experience working with your specialty. It’s important that you trust the vendor and take their word. “Check references to make sure you know what you’re getting,” recommends Baker. Currently, PrognoCIS works with more than 20 different specialties and despite having many different pre-made templates available, the software is customizable to suit the specific needs of the clinic.

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