A business wouldn’t be able to stay afloat without the help of other businesses, and that goes for even the best EHR companies. The exchange of products and services fit and move together like cogs in a well-oiled machine. Extending a hand to help businesses grow and develop, Bizmatics offers two partner programs, the Referral Partner Program and the Value Added Reseller, to distribute their PrognoCIS EHR software.

Free of cost, the Referral Partner Program consists of IT consultants, healthcare consultants or IT partners who want the opportunity to sell PrognoCIS. Imagine an IT consultant goes to a doctor’s office to update the computer system, and they observe that the doctor is still working with paper records. The IT consultant then refers the doctor to Bizmatics for a demo of PrognoCIS. If Bizmatics closes the sale for an EMR with the prospective doctor, the IT consultant referral partner receives an agreed upon commission percentage.

There are absolutely no fees to pay or quotas to be met to be a referral partner, provided that they attract new opportunities. According to Anthony Bates, all referral partners start out under the supervision of a sales rep. “They can learn PrognoCIS while watching demos with their clients,” he says, “and 6 months down the road, they can sell without a Bizmatics rep.”

The second partner program is the VAR (value added reseller). VARs tend to be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) vendors that that have a product but need to add to their healthcare portfolio, says Bates. “Vendors typically will partner with us and put a little skin in the game.” Take for instance Bizmatics’ VAR referral partner Benchmark; they have a practice management solution, but no EHR. “In a situation like that, vendors would come to us and ask if it would it be OK if they bought a perpetual license from us to offer clients the best EHR for their product,” he explains. The EHR itself is PrognoCIS, but the practice management package it comes with has Benchmark’s name on it.

The VAR Program also differs from the Referral Partner Program in that they do their own setups and support with clients and Bizmatics receives a portion for every new client. The most noted advantage of being a VAR is having higher return on investment. “They don’t have to worry about commission,” says Bates, “they get a much larger slice of the pie for them.”

For more information about either of these partner programs, please call us at 877-693-6748.

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