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April 14, 2008: Bizmatics is excited to announce the release of the Second Edition of their eBook, titled “Electronic Medical Record eBook – Second Edition”. The 70 page eBook is designed to help healthcare organizations learn more about the concept of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and educate them on how to purchase, implement and maintain an EMR solution. The eBook is a concise and practical guide that can be read in an hour or two.

There is valuable information such as a chapter on how to plan for purchasing an EMR and a tutorial for conducting return-on-investment and cost-benefit analysis studies. It includes a special focus on the implementation phase, explaining the different methods for scanning paper charts into an EMR as well as how to select the right hardware for the project. Included in the Second Edition you will also find a detailed vendor directory to help make contacting the different vendors easier. There is also a comprehensive glossary of healthcare IT terms and links for additional EMR-related resources.

The process of selecting and implementing an Electronic Medical Record solution can be a daunting undertaking for any healthcare organization. While large-sized healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, have the luxury of an in-house IT department that can assist them with the selection and implementation of an EMR solution; small to medium-sized organizations typically do not and are faced with the challenge of navigating through this endeavor on their own. This is one of the reasons why EMR adoption in small private practices has lagged so far behind hospitals and larger healthcare organizations. “We wrote this eBook with the small doctor’s office in mind, we made it to be a concise reference which can be used throughout the EMR endeavor”, says Vinay Deshpande, Bizmatics CEO.