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May 11th, 2017 - By Matt Garnese

Here are the most recent updates to PrognoCIS Denali, the latest version of PrognoCIS electronic health records software.
PrognoCIS is always looking for new ways to improve our already top-rated EHR software, and you can help. If your practice has a new feature or enhancement request, please let us know by sending us a note directly through the customer resource center at

Keep Track of Random Drug and Drug-Alcohol Screening for Occupational Medicine

Random employee drug and drug-alcohol screenings are essential for businesses to deter workplace drug use, and different industries have different schedule requirements for random testing. Some companies have monthly random drug testing, and others have daily drug testing.Drug Screen Parameters In order to make random testing easier to track, PrognoCIS has added a new process in its Occupational Medicine EHR that allows the practitioner to configure the frequency of random drug and drug-alcohol testing. It also helps practitioners and employers to track whether their drug/drug-alcohol screenings have occurred or been rescheduled. In the case of rescheduling, PrognoCIS saves the base ID for the main appointment in order to move it to a new date, or change the appointment frequency.


Enhanced Eligibility Features Accelerate and Improve Functionality

When setting patient appointments, PrognoCIS gathers the patient’s insurance eligibility to ensure they have coverage. The latest enhancements have made the automatic process of collecting the patient’s’ eligibility coverage even faster. New tables have been added that fetch and display eligibility details in the UI so that they can be easily seen by the practitioner. The software process to collect insurance eligibility for scheduled appointments now fetches eligibility only for patients who do not already display Active Coverage, which accelerates the overall functionality of the EHR by reducing functional overhead. On the Appointment Schedule screen, the practitioner can now find eligibility details based on the appointment date or date of service. To further accelerate functionality, obsolete tabular reports have been removed as well.

Let Patients Book Urgent Care Appointments Online with PrognoPass

When patients need urgent care, spending 15-20 minutes trying to set an appointment for them either by phone or online is often not an option. PrognoPass is a new tool for your patients to book their urgent care appointments as quickly as possible. For practices that have a website, setting up PrognoPass is as simple as embedding the HTML file into their site. Instead of your patients having to go through a complicated process of self-registering online, getting login details, logging in, and then checking availability to make an appointment, PrognoPass allows them to set appointments right on the clinic’s website by providing a few key registration details. They can book their appointment and be on the way to get care in no time.

When the patient books their appointment, a confirmation popup appears with appointment details. The patient can print these details and bring them to the clinic at the time of their appointment. In booking the appointment, the patient becomes registered in the urgent care EHR Patient Portal and receives their login credentials by email.

Here is a screenshot of PrognoPass:

PrognoPass Form



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