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This week’s newsletter focuses on how electronic healthcare can enhance provider-patient relationships, from EHR best practices to telemedicine. We also look at the universal benefits of value-based healthcare.

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Telemedicine Boosts Provider Productivity and Health Outcomes

Recent research into telemedicine has highlighted its potential billion-dollar market worth as a tool to improve health outcomes. We firmly believe that telemedicine should be invested in and capitalized on by all providers, large or small.


5 Ways EHRs Enhance Patient-Provider Relationship

Electronic health record (EHR) software has the potential to improve the productivity and financial workflow of your practice. We found the 5 best ways EHRs enhance patient-provider relationship.


Universal Benefits of Value Based Care

Value-based healthcare is sweeping the nation as a favorable alternative to fee-for-service. Learn how adopting a value-based system can help you grow and expand your practice.


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