Cardiology EHR Long Term Use Case Study

February 24th, 2016 /
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Dr. Hassan Kafri - cardiologistDr. Hassan Kafri is an interventional cardiologist in Chula Vista, CA who provides specialized care for the heart and cardiovascular system. Though Dr. Kafri had experience in paper-based documentation, he looked for an electronic health record (EHR) software to provide his practice with effective documentation and storage, cloud-based patient records, and cardiology-specific tools. Dr. Kafri eventually adopted PrognoCIS’ specialized Cardiology EHR in 2008, and has worked with PrognoCIS since. The tools of PrognoCIS EHR helped him provide his patients with exceptional care.

Transitioning to Electronic Documentation

“For me it was very intuitive and natural, to start using EHR. was an issue of accessing documentation and storage, and it seemed to be a very simple solution.”

Paper-based documentation, while once the norm, is error prone and leads to substantial costs with shipping, storage, and manual record keeping. Dr. Kafri was interested in a way to implement a paperless solution without impediments to his practice. With PrognoCIS, he found a simple, easy-to-use solution.

PrognoCIS EHR reduced costs associated with paper-based documentation: packaging and shipping costs, paper and toner use, and almost eliminating the potential for human error. It also improved workflow of his practice. Front-end staff did not have to deal with tedious financial paper work, and spent less time checking co-pay amounts, patient eligibility, and missing charges.

Facilitating Patient Care through a Cloud-based EHR

One of the benefits Dr. Kafri noted was the ability to access patient records from outside the hospital. This feature allows him to review patient records and communicate or share information with patients at any time.

Dr. Kafri uses PrognoCIS through the PrognoCIS iPhone app to access records: “ is really helpful when you’re at a restaurant, or at home…and call you for some advice. You can look at previous echo results, previous interactions, and your plan.”

The ability to view records anywhere is invaluable in situations demanding immediate access to patient data. Dr. Kafri benefited from the versatility of the PrognoCIS iPhone app.

“The EHR, mainly, was for documentation, reducing or eliminating errors, and facilitating multiple office locations and chart access.”

“We get calls a lot. Sometime end up in the emergency room, there are always different problems, and call us, and they say, ‘what did your echocardiograms show?   said she had one in your office a few months ago,’ and if you’re not in the office in front of your computer, then will be very easy to access.”

Specialized Cardiology Tools to Effectively Manage Patients

Dr. Kafri specializes in treating the heart and cardiovascular system, so naturally he would want an EHR that can cater to his needs. He utilizes PrognoCIS’ cardiology-specific diagnostic tools such as the Cardiopulmonary Stress Test, Carotid Doppler Duplex Scan, and Echo Doppler to help him accurately diagnose and treat his patients.

Because PrognoCIS offers customizable templates depending on the practice and specialty, it enables providers to accurately manage patient data specific to their needs.

PrognoCIS and Meaningful Use

As a fully Meaningful Use ready solution, PrognoCIS understands the benefits of MU program. The program encourages healthcare providers to show “meaningful use” of a certified EMR system. The overall goal of the MU program is to promote the widespread adoption of EMR systems, ultimately creating an interoperable infrastructure that improves the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care.

While Dr. Kafri’s main objective is not the financial benefits of MU, he acknowledges the powerful tools associated with EMR adoption as he commented, “…the classical benefits, having to document clearly, it eliminates the legibility of your writing. It’s safer, you also facilitate the information-communication with the billing department because they can read claims easily. You benefit from many aspects…”

PrognoCIS EHR was fully ready to handle the challenges of Dr. Kafri’s practice, whether or not the focus was Meaningful Use.

Continued Support with PrognoCIS

Dr. Kafri has been a client of PrognoCIS for over 8 years. With PrognoCIS EHR, he’s seen a seamless transition from paper-based documentation to electronic health records. Dr. Kafri uses the many features of PrognoCIS, such as the customized templates and PrognoCIS iPhone app, which enable him to minimize costs and provide exceptional care to his patients.

Cloud-based EHR is the future of medical record keeping, and PrognoCIS works with its clients to stay at the forefront of efficient and innovative EHR technology.

Click here to watch Dr. Hassan Kafri’s testimonial on PrognoCIS Cardiology EHR.

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All our promotional offers are as individual and unique as the practices and clinics we support.

We look forward to exploring the potential benefits and offers prognoCIS has for you.

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