How to become Ideal Occupational Medicine Clinic for local employers

Worker in Warehouse

Did you know that the vitality rate for injuries is 3.6% per 100,000 full-time workers? An average of 14 workers injured per second in the United States, which means that employers like having the tools to be able to track their employee’s work-related health conditions. With an increase in workplace-related injuries and fatalities, there’s been a massive increase in … Read more

Employee Health and Wellness: For Workplace Success

Numerous research studies show that employee health and wellness are crucial for workplace success. Businesses whose employees spend time away from work due to illness cost employers more in revenue. Employers are paying their employee for sick days while also hiring a temporary worker to complete the job of that employee. The former CEO of Blue Cross … Read more

What are the Benefits of Implementing Occupational Medicine into Your Clinic

Employers today are interested to keep a visible track of their worker’s medical record, especially work-related health problems. One of the reasons for this concern is to reduce the risk of work-related injuries and the other is to comply with strict regulatory policies to remain operational in the business.  The working environment has undergone an … Read more

Occupational Medicine EHR Brings Employers More Qualified Workers

According to a recent report from Washington Post, companies have been on a hiring spree. The unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8 percent, the lowest since 2000. “The labor market is continuing its longest streak of job growth on record,” said Martha Gimbel, researcher director at, an employment website. “This recovery is showing no sign of … Read more

5 tools to make Occupational Medicine faster, easier and cost-effective

  Occupational medicine is the field of medicine that focuses on the treatment and prevention of work related injuries and illnesses. The goal of occupational health and safety specialists is to build safe, injury- free workplace resulting in increased participation of employees in their workplace and a stronger, trustworthy employer-employee relationship. They achieve this by … Read more

Lower the Cost of Employee Care with Occupational Telemedicine


Businesses that provide medical benefits for their employees face a variety of challenges. These businesses want to provide high quality, and easily accessible healthcare to their employees, but high costs associated with that care, sometimes creates an impact on the business’s annual budget. Likewise, employees frequently opt for benefit plans with high deductibles, which, while … Read more

Reduced Administration with EHR Employer Portal

Since we’re about halfway through North American Occupational Safety and Health Week, let’s review some key concepts of Occupational Medicine. In order to maintain accountability and make decisions about workplace health care, the employer needs to be able to communicate with the provider to access and manage employee medical issues in concert with their occupational clinicians. In the … Read more

Lyme Disease Awareness in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Update on Lyme Disease in Preparation for Summer’s Outdoor Activities With summer approaching, people will be planning more outdoor activities like hiking and camping trips. May is National Lyme Disease Awareness month, and given that the peak months for exposure to Lyme disease are June and July, it’s essential to refresh our awareness of the … Read more

PrognoCIS Occupational Medicine EHR Case Study on Productivity and Safety

Download the full Occupational Medicine EHR Case Study pdf Occupational and Environmental Medicine is devoted to the prevention of injury and illness in the workplace and the promotion of worker productivity. Electronic health records (EHR) software delivers a set of tools for both the employer and the practitioner to manage healthcare for employees. PrognoCIS’s Occupational … Read more

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