4 ways to Strategies to Accomplish Patient Retention

In today’s technological era, healthcare choices, mode of delivery and financial options are easily accessible to everyone. Patients consistently shop for cost-effective healthcare options. In this competitive scenario, patient participation and patient experience become key to patient retention. Patient engagement in making well-informed decisions about their healthcare needs empowers patients, improves health outcomes, and nurtures … Read more

3 Major Elements of Patient Engagement

The more a patient engages and gets involved in healthcare and in the decision-making process, the greater are the chances for healthier, happier, and satisfying outcomes. High-quality patient engagement increases the quality and continuity of care. Healthcare organizations across the country are leveraging various means of patient engagement to achieve these benefits. According to HealthIT.gov, … Read more

Is Sending Unencrypted Patient Records Illegal?

The portability of medical records and use of patient portal apps to fulfill the patient engagement requirements of Meaningful Use and MACRA creates a generally healthier population. At the same time, their use creates concerns about record protection. Some patients might prefer to receive their protected health information (PHI) through an insecure email system they … Read more

Why Healthcare Portals Are the Next Level of Patient Engagement

A successful practice is one that does two things well: maintains financial profitability, and develops strong provider-patient relationships. The way a practice communicates and educates patients is a huge factor in determining healthcare success. The simple and underutilized tool to create better patient engagement is an efficient use of healthcare portals. Portals are online gateways … Read more

How EHRs Are Providing Positive Patient Experiences

The latest studies have shown that electronic medical tools are saving patients money and increasing satisfaction The landscape of healthcare technology is changing, find an EHR that can help you maintain a hold in the competitive healthcare market From the Affordable Care Act to the HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health), … Read more

5 Ways EHRs Enhance Patient-Provider Relationship

Electronic health records (EHRs) are changing the way doctors interact with patients. They provide a level of communication impossible by old methods of record-keeping and are quickly becoming the gateway to an interoperable and value-centric health system. A comprehensive and accessible EHR can boost the productivity of practice many times over, giving both provider and … Read more

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