Lack of Health Care Access in Rural America

Rural America

The US government has declared almost 80% of rural America to be “medically underserved.” In many places throughout the rural parts of the country, residents within an 11,000-square-mile range have but a single doctor to serve all their medical needs. Despite rural America being home to 20% of the nation’s citizens, it is home to … Read more

Getting Paid while Offering Telemedicine for Patient Care

Secure Payment

According to the American Well Survey, from 2015 to 2018 the number of physicians offering telemedicine increased by 340 percent. During that same time frame, those willing to adopt this technology rose by approximately 12 percent. Insurance companies, along with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), are taking steps to improve reimbursements for … Read more

What Does My Practice Need to Offer Telemedicine?

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the practice of medicine and telemedicine is one such technology. Telemedicine offers practitioners the option of conducting consultations with patients remotely. It may seem complicated but with the right knowledge, and technology, telemedicine can become an integral part of patient care.    What Kind Of Technology Do … Read more

How Are Physicians Reimbursed for Telemedicine

Telemedicine is transforming the way we treat people and looks set to define the future of medicine. This healthcare technology is creating efficiency in doctor to patient interaction and is also a highly cost-effective way of dealing with medical appointments and helping physicians treat more patients. Not only this, but there are other advantages related … Read more

6 Commonly Asked Questions about Telemedicine

Telemedicine is becoming increasingly important in healthcare, largely because it offers a convenient and integrated experience for patients. Many doctors still have questions about telemedicine, especially when it comes to using the technology and the laws that govern it. Once considered pie-in-the-sky technology, telemedicine is expanding rapidly. The global telemedicine industry was worth more than $38 … Read more

Telemedicine Equals Relaxing Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner! During this hectic time of the year, the last thing anyone wants is to be stuck waiting in a busy doctor’s office or traveling to visit a physician rather than spending time with family. Thankfully, the latest innovations in telemedicine are making it easier than ever for patients … Read more

What is Telemedicine and it’s impact on EHR

Telemedicine is a revolutionary healthcare technology focusing on providing remote healthcare services to patients by connecting them with physicians through text, email, and video. Key benefits associated with telemedicine are, convenience, accessibility, comfort, and cost-efficiency resulting in exceptional quality health care. Telemedicine innovation is changing the landscape of traditional health according to PRNewswire and the Global … Read more

Lower the Cost of Employee Care with Occupational Telemedicine


Businesses that provide medical benefits for their employees face a variety of challenges. These businesses want to provide high quality, and easily accessible healthcare to their employees, but high costs associated with that care, sometimes creates an impact on the business’s annual budget. Likewise, employees frequently opt for benefit plans with high deductibles, which, while … Read more

Who Bears the Costs and Receives the Benefits of Telehealth?

Let’s talk telehealth. Telehealth is healthcare delivered over telecommunications technology, using combinations of internet, phone, cellular text, or audio/video streams. The delivery of telehealth could take place on a fifty-year-old rotary dial telephone, or using a modern mobile device with a patient portal or physician app. Telehealth can potentially ease the administrative burden of the … Read more

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