How EHR can help promote Population Health Management

Physicians and healthcare personnel these days make use of their electronic health record (EHR) to evaluate data in order to provide their patients with value-based care. EHR provides access to rich, comprehensive data on a large population for research, analytics, healthcare outcomes, diagnosis, and preventive care. The end goal of acquiring this data is to … Read more

New ARRA Dashboard, Import Data Sorted by NPI, Custom Patient Letters

Greetings from PrognoCIS! The latest set of software enhancements deliver improved functionality for MACRA reporting, organizing lab/radiology data, and patient engagement. In order to improve your experience as a healthcare provider, our team is constantly making efforts to update and streamline PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software. ARRA Dashboard, Encounter-Level Dashboard Available For 2017 Performance … Read more

New Attorney Portal, Updated Quality Measures, Customized Patient Comments

In continuation of our longstanding efforts to inform our doctors of the newest enhancements to PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software, we present to you the following updates. These improvements provide enhanced communication with Injury Attorneys, updated quality measures for MACRA reporting, customized patient workflow comments, and automatic vaccination codes. New EHR Portal For Easy … Read more

Increased Patient Engagement and Shortened Administration Time

We make it our goal to keep our providers informed about the latest enhancements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest changes improve the practice’s capabilities for patient engagement, transferring lab reports, logging prescription data for audits, and applying billing codes. Quick and Simple Patient Greeting Emails This enhancement allows further engage with your patients by … Read more

Access New Comprehensive Drug Search Tool in One Click

We strive to keep user base informed about all improvements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest enhancements to PrognoCIS save administrative time and help to prevent manual errors in selecting prescription drugs, simplify the importation of patient insurance information, and have created a new group and user types to make group and user data easier … Read more

New e-Prescription Tools, Faster Time To Billing, Shorter Searches

It is our goal to regularly inform our user base about the latest improvements to PrognoCIS EHR software. The latest enhancements to PrognoCIS reduce the amount of administrative time involved in prescribing medications, creating lab reports, and patient data reporting. Enhancements to e-Prescription Features PrognoCIS EHR is now certified with RxChange and CancelRx by Surescripts, … Read more

Take More Urgent Care Appointments and Save Admin Time with PrognoPass

In an urgent care situation, patients usually don’t have time to wait, and filling in a lengthy form to establish a new patient portal account may be an additional stressor or patient delay. Other procedures, like a biopsy or skin tag removal, are less-time sensitive and lend themselves to coming by appointment. Taking less severe … Read more

Save EHR Clicks by Auto-Import of Vision Data and Custom ICD Codes

The latest enhancements to PrognoCIS Electronic Health Records (EHR) software save time pulling patient data from clinical devices, simplify reporting with custom ICD codes, and deliver enhanced printing and reporting capability. Be sure to check the EHR blog for regular updates about product enhancements. Save Time and Eliminate Manual Errors with Depisteo Interface PrognoCIS now … Read more

Save EHR Admin Time with New Workflow Customization Features

The latest improvements to PrognoCIS EHR will deliver improved patient care by saving time when printing and preparing patient encounter forms. The practitioner can spend more time focusing on giving quality care instead of spending time in front of a computer screen setting up a print job or searching through categories in input templates for patient … Read more

Dial PrognoCIS for Telemedicine that Rings with Integrity

Download the full case study pdf The landscape of healthcare is changing. We live in a time of vast movement, where innovation in healthcare technology is changing the way we approach medicine. Telemedicine is one such innovation – a digital patient management system revolutionizing the doctor-to-patient interaction. A telemedicine EHR creates a system where patients … Read more

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