4 main objectives of Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program

  CMS proposes to replace Meaningful Use with “Promoting Interoperability” Program with an aim to reduce redundancies and provide patients access to quality healthcare. The main goal of highlighting Interoperability as a fundamental feature is to ensure that the hospitals and providers are technologically and policy-wise equipped to help create a seamless flow of health data information between … Read more

Preparing Student-Patients For The New School Year

The leisure time of summer is filled with fun family activities, and it’s also a unique opportunity to engage with your patients regarding the necessary immunizations and medical documentation they will need before returning to school. Schools for K-12, colleges, and universities will resume classes sometime from mid-to-late August to early September. It’s important to … Read more

Standard Sterile Procedure Reminder for World AIDS Vaccine Day

When performing any invasive procedure, such as collecting blood samples, the practitioner incurs a potential risk of exposure to viruses and infections. Clinicians need to remain ever-vigilant to the chance of contracting HIV through a needlestick injury even though the possibility is extremely unlikely. So, in celebration of AIDS Vaccine Day, we’ve provided you and … Read more