How You Can Join the Fight to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

In the honor of World Hepatitis Day and those affected by this disease, let’s reflect on the progress in the fight against viral hepatitis, and consider the work remaining to eradicate it. Additionally, for patient self-care, we’ve provided a list from the CDC about...

Preparing Student-Patients For The New School Year

The leisure time of summer is filled with fun family activities, and it’s also a unique opportunity to engage with your patients regarding the necessary immunizations and medical documentation they will need before returning to school. Schools for K-12, colleges, and...

Health Benefits of Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Imagine if ten years ago you asked one of your patients, “How many steps did you take today?” How would they even begin to respond? What could be done with that information? Wearable technology has advanced to the point where a wristwatch can even measure the...

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