EHR Interoperability Continues Moving Forward

Efficient healthcare requires widespread and effective communication among primary care providers for sensitive personal health information in order to properly and successfully perform their functions. Along with the need to make this information readily available, there is a need to protect information from unpermitted access. This is where the concept of interoperability of healthcare data … Read more

Top 7 Affordable Care Act Provisions Likely to Survive 2017

Though the Affordable Care Act has seen its fair share of controversy, the law has had a huge impact on American healthcare.  We’ve seen the law make healthcare more accessible for millions of Americans, and also create huge rate hikes which are expected to continue increasing in the coming years. The huge rate hikes, as well as … Read more

Increase Revenue Growth by Capturing the Managed Medicaid Care Market

One of the largest opportunities for medical practice revenue growth in the next few years is the Managed Medicaid Care market. Nearly 93 million individuals will be eligible for Medicaid by 2024, and the vast majority of them are likely to enter managed care plans. Medicaid beneficiaries are a huge segment of the healthcare market … Read more

High Impact Health IT Legislation Timeline

Health information technology (IT) in the U.S has grown at an astonishing pace. From paper records to the cloud-based systems we now have—health IT has become more accessible and practical for a larger amount of people. To know where we’re going, we have to remember where we’ve been. We look back at key pieces of … Read more

Cosmetic Surgery Consumer Base Kickstarted by Social Media

Social media has accelerated the consumer base of cosmetic surgery Not many providers capitalize on the benefits of social media, in a time when 1 in 4 U.S adults share their health experiences through online outlets Find a cosmetic surgery EHR designed to positively affect patient experience and outcomes With the advent of social media through photo-related platforms (Instagram, … Read more

OCR Director Jocelyn Samuels Makes Strides in HIPAA Enforcement

HIPAA compliance is an essential part of healthcare practice. In an effort to support the success of our providers, we offer the following educational content produced by Compliancy Group regarding the 2016 Phase Two HIPAA Audits. This guest post also features OCR Director Jocelyn Samuels, a leading female figure in the healthcare industry, in honor of Women’s History Month. In June of 2015, the Department … Read more

Data Breach Threatens Value of EHRs

A visit to the doctor can be stressful for just about everyone, but take into account patient security, and a whole new level of stress is added to the situation. Researchers have found that the number of medical data breaches in the United States increased between 2010 and 2013. Of the 949 breaches reported to … Read more

Top Software Advice Electronic Health Record Review

PrognoCIS EHR is listed on Software Advice as a Top Reviewed EHR and Medical Office Software  Bizmatics is pleased to announce that PrognoCIS EHR is listed as one of the top reviewed Medical Clinic Software applications known as Electronic Health Records (EHR) on Software Advice, a leading U.S. Software research company. Close to 200 EHR software … Read more

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