Breast Cancer Testing During the Pandemic

BreastCancer.Org statistics state that one woman out of eight can lose their life to an invasive form of breast cancer. This means that 2020, alone, will report approximately 300,000 new cases of breast cancer, despite the hovering pandemic of COVID-19. Although the crisis had put breast cancer screening on hold for a while, “Breast Cancer … Read more

Integrating Remote Patient Monitoring to Expand Reach and Accessibility

The healthcare industry is seeing a huge digital transformation, with technology in health going mainstream rapidly. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology is spearheading this digital innovation. Berg Insight estimates the total number of remotely monitored patients will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 48.9% through 2020, reaching an estimated 36.1 million patients. Amid … Read more

Market Your Practice in the New Digital Age

COVID-19 has changed the game for a lot of businesses. Healthcare is not an exception. Outside of the tremendous strain, the pandemic has put on organizations due to infection rates, another concern has been in the way practices deal with patients in general. This also includes your marketing initiatives. While the pandemic is a temporary … Read more

Checklist for Reopening Medical Practices – A Practical Guide

Reopening Clinic

Although the pandemic of COVID-19 is not over, the apparent subsiding of new cases has allowed medical practices to begin reopening for some nonessential but clinically necessary patient care. Practices cannot just suddenly open their doors to patient delivery, but they must find ways to see patients while keeping their exposure to the virus minimal. … Read more

Telemedicine and its benefits in today’s world

As the world continues to change, and technology becomes more prevalent, it becomes increasingly important to integrate it with healthcare. Technology and healthcare are already interlaced and they have together saved and improved lives for many. Telemedicine or remote care is another such aspect of technology that focuses on serving the needs of people of … Read more

How to Evaluate Telemedicine ROI for Your Practice: Important Metrics

Metics for telehealth

Telemedicine is becoming more widely available and it will soon be an expectation, rather than a novelty. A situation like the current COVID-19 pandemic brought this option into the spotlight, but telehealth and video visits were already increasing in use prior to this event. One question that physicians and practices have struggled with is determining telehealth … Read more

PrognoCIS Occupational and Employer Health Solutions.

Prognocis Employer Portal

Easing Administrative Burden in Occupational and Employer Health Employer Protocols and Drug Screen Randomization for Occupational and Employer Health Bridging the Communication Gap in Occupational and Employer Health One of the biggest challenges in Occupational and Employer Healthcare is communication.  In a normal healthcare setting, only two parties communicate about a patient’s health – the … Read more

CARES Act Brings Fiscal Resources to Medical Practices

The novel coronavirus represents a threat to the modern world. The pandemic swept the country with fury and an economic stranglehold. For medical professionals and private practice owners, the pandemic’s disruption means to struggle and a sudden loss of revenue. Congress, however, passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act in late March, … Read more

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