Government Shutdown: Does it affect Medical Practices

News about the recent partial shutdown of the government focused on the 800,000 plus workers who were either not working at all or working without pay. Those workers were understandably concerned about how they were going to pay for their mortgages, rents, insurance, or any cost associated with their own health. As the weeks passed, … Read more

Value of EHRs Threatened after Data Breach

A visit to the doctor can be stressful for just about everyone, but take into account patient security, and a whole new level of stress is added to the situation. Researchers have found that the number of medical data breaches in the United States increased between 2010 and 2013. Of the 949 breaches reported to … Read more

Promoting Mental Health In Your Practice’s Work Environment

This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is mental health in the workplace. Good mental health in the workplace contributes to increased productivity, stronger coworker relationships, and helps save on costly employee healthcare. According to a recent article from, it was revealed that about one in four Americans cited their work environment as … Read more

Celebrating National Health IT Week with PrognoCIS

We are happy to announce that we are participating with HIMSS in National Health IT (NHIT) Week, a time year to increase awareness for health information technology by sharing your stories and showing your passion for technology in healthcare. Through interoperability, telemedicine, patient engagement, healthcare technology has changed for the better the way you treat … Read more

Are There Enough Minority Organ Donors in the USA?

As we enter Minority Donor Awareness Week, let’s take some time to reflect on how racial demographics apply to organ donors and recipients. In order to raise awareness with your patients, you may want to take some time to discuss their organ donor status, and how they can help increase availability and make waiting list … Read more

How You Can Join the Fight to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis

In the honor of World Hepatitis Day and those affected by this disease, let’s reflect on the progress in the fight against viral hepatitis, and consider the work remaining to eradicate it. Additionally, for patient self-care, we’ve provided a list from the CDC about the risks associated with the disease. Also, we’ve provided reminders of … Read more

Preparing Student-Patients For The New School Year

The leisure time of summer is filled with fun family activities, and it’s also a unique opportunity to engage with your patients regarding the necessary immunizations and medical documentation they will need before returning to school. Schools for K-12, colleges, and universities will resume classes sometime from mid-to-late August to early September. It’s important to … Read more

Review Your Medical Insurance on National Insurance Awareness Day

National Insurance Awareness Day is a day for everyone to review their or their family’s health insurance plans and ensure that they have the right coverage in place. For physicians, National Insurance Awareness Day is an opportunity to remind your patients to take stock of their health insurance to possibly increase their engagement in their … Read more

Standard Sterile Procedure Reminder for World AIDS Vaccine Day

When performing any invasive procedure, such as collecting blood samples, the practitioner incurs a potential risk of exposure to viruses and infections. Clinicians need to remain ever-vigilant to the chance of contracting HIV through a needlestick injury even though the possibility is extremely unlikely. So, in celebration of AIDS Vaccine Day, we’ve provided you and … Read more

Health Benefits of Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Imagine if ten years ago you asked one of your patients, “How many steps did you take today?” How would they even begin to respond? What could be done with that information? Wearable technology has advanced to the point where a wristwatch can even measure the patient’s sleep patterns. The potential benefit is not just … Read more

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