What’s in the new PrognoCIS Denali EHR & Clinical Information Suite?

Author: Kevin V. Nguyen | August 16th, 2016 | What’s in the new PrognoCIS Denali EHR & Clinical Information Suite?

Bizmatics Inc. has added new features to its flagship, cloud-based, electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software. The new clinical information suite (CIS) Denali will be available in Q3 2016.

Since its introduction, the PrognoCIS EHR has become the go-to online medical record suite for healthcare providers seeking a customizable but user-friendly electronic healthcare management system. PrognoCIS’ powerful features have been known to provide a positive impact on workflow efficiency and revenue cycle management. This is the 3rd version and code build of PrognoCIS, or as listed in healthcare industry certifications: PrognoCIS “Denali”.  The new version introduces many new features in both the EMR and Billing module (with specific features listed below).

“This will be an important upgrade for our members who work in many ambulatory and specialty practice types,” says Vinay Despande, CEO of Bizmatics Inc.  “We’ve divided our efforts in this release between front-end improvements that help medical providers enhance patient engagement, while concurrently boosting their bottom line with improved revenue cycle management.”

PrognoCIS is used by thousands of providers in the domestic US and several Caribbean countries and has the ability to scale from small private practices to large enterprise health networks.

“Denali is but a step towards our goal of providing cutting-edge medical technology to our clients,” Vinay explains. “We pride ourselves in offering innovative and user-friendly technology for our providers, regardless of size or specialty.”

New features in the PrognoCIS Clinical Information Suite include:

PrognoCIS EMR Module:

  • Order Management: Seamless workflow to maintain and track all Laboratory, Radiology, Consult, and Procedure orders from a single screen
  • Document Sharing via Portals: Enables referring providers, patients, employees to quickly view and share clinic documents, from clinics to individual portals
  • Employer Portal: The new Employer Portal allows employees to view various documents and billing-related information shared by the clinic

PrognoCIS Billing Module:

  • Enhanced EOB/ERA Processing: Smarter and faster EOB/ERA processing with our Single Claim Posting feature, which enables users to post and un-post claims individually
  • Customizable Statements: The ability to auto-schedule statements and group them by location, business units, and providers
  • Improved Analytics with Billing Graphs, Dashboard, and Trend Reports: Comprehensive and effective monitoring of key performance metrics of Revenue Cycle Operations, available with graphs and a configurable dashboard

PrognoCIS and the Future of Ambulatory Healthcare Management

Although requirements may change from Meaningful Use to MACRA, or your insurance network might alter the format of EOB statements, creating confusion among your patients, as we look forward into the ever-evolving healthcare marketplace, PrognoCIS EHR has become well positioned to continue providing industry certified improvements in patient and medical record management. PrognoCIS provides creative solutions for allowing doctors more time with patients and less time addressing multiple applications to complete billing for services already rendered. This latest version introduces many new features in both the EMR and Billing module to allow doctors to be doctors and have an easier time working in a mandated health record paradigm.

If you’d like to review the new features in PrognoCIS in detail, please contact one of our sales representatives directly, or sign up to have a demonstration for you and your staff.

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