Cloud Based EHR to Aid State & Fortune 100 Employers

Author: Matt Garnese | July 21st, 2017 | Cloud Based EHR to Aid State & Fortune 100 Employers

In our latest press release, which was picked up by major news outlets including the San Jose Mercury News, we discuss how PrognoCIS EHR helped the Carolina Center for Occupational Health (CCOH) realize its business goals.

The CCOH was challenged by ever-increasing medical record management needs to serve occupational health contracts for government agencies and large commercial employers. Dr. Barry Weissglass, Medical Director of CCOH, turned to Herbert L. Drayton III, CEO of Vertical Holdings, LLC, to deliver a best-in-class solution which could improve their service delivery, and help the practice become more profitable. Together, they identified the need to digitize paper documents, accelerate communications, and simplify administration tasks related to employment physicals, injuries and other occupational medicine services.

Since migrating the practice to PrognoCIS cloud-based electronic health records (EHR), with its employer and patient portals, they are now exponentially more efficient with document distribution and have even improved the morale of their staff. These features make it a perfect fit for the over 700 occupational medicine clients that CCOH serves. Today they can use discrete employer and employee digital document storage to streamline communications for their nearly 60,000 patients.

The CCOH’s use of PrognoCIS Occupational EHR will assist hundreds of employers across 12 municipalities to deliver the best possible occupational medicine experience. More efficient communication tools like email and text messages will replace cumbersome fax machines and printed documents.The next phases of their plan will include completely digitizing their services from the point of care through final payment by providing their staff with internet-enabled tablets and mobile telemedicine applications to quickly and remotely serve patients’ needs in the field.

See the full press release at the San Jose Mercury News website.