Your Complete 2018 MIPS Data Submission Guide

January 16th, 2019 - By Andrey Ostashko

MIPS QPP 2018 submissions period has begun and we know that this process can be quite daunting, but do not worry. We, at PrognoCIS will accompany you throughout this journey and here is a step by step guide to support you right from the beginning till the very end. Let’s get started right away.

Submission Timeline: You can update or submit your 2018 data anytime until April 2, 2019, 8 pm EDT.

Data availability: The data is available in QRDA III format from PrognoCIS for all 3 categories of MIPS for uploading on QPP Portal or for manual attestation. The categories include:


  • Quality > EHR (eCQM) measures
  • Promoting Interoperability (Previously called ACI) measures (PI)
  • Improvement Activity measures (IA)

Generating required data from PrognoCIS:
 a. QRDA III files generation Reports for upload:
You can either generate a consolidated QRDA III file using download option for Report: QPP-MIPS-QRDA3-Consolidated report for eCQM, PI(ACI) & IA Measures

OR: You can generate Category wise QRDA III files by using Download option for following individual options:

Select Classification: QRDA3 Reports, then select following report names:


  • PI: QPP-MIPS-Cumulative for all QPP-MIPS- PI Measures
  • Quality: QPP-MIPS-QRDA3-Cumulative of all eCQM Measure Reports
  • IA: QPP-MIPS-Cumulative for all IA Measures  

Kindly Note: Select a full year for Quality > EHR measures, from 90 days to full year for PI and IA Reports when you run the reports. Please upload these QRDA III reports on the QPP Portal.

b. Manual Attestation Reports

Select Classification: QPP-MIPS-PI (formerly ACI) Reports, then select the following report names:


  • Quality: EHR: Only QRDA III file is accepted from EHR. Manual attestation is not allowed.
  • PI: QPP-MIPS-PI(Formerly ACI)(2018)
  • IA: QPP-MIPS-Cumulative for all IA Measures

Kindly Note: Select Period from 90 days to full year for PI and IA Reports when you run the reports.  

Steps for Submitting Your 2018 MIPS Data


  1. Go to the Quality Payment Program website
  2. Login using your QPP access credentials (see below for directions)
  3. Submit your MIPS data for Year 2 (2018)

Log In to the Quality Payment Program Data Submission System

Log in through new HCQIS Authorization Roles and Profile (HARP) system. Previously, clinicians received their credentials through the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) system. Clinicians are encouraged to log in early to familiarize themselves with the system.


  • Previous EIDM Accounts: For all clinicians who previously had an EIDM account, you were automatically transitioned to HARP, and will use your existing EIDM user ID and password to sign in to the QPP website.
  • New Clinicians: For all clinicians who didn’t have an EIDM account, you’ll need to enroll with HARP. For a step-by-step guide to signing up for a HARP account, refer to the QPP Access User Guide.

Note: Clinicians who are not sure if they are eligible to participate in the Quality Payment Program can check their eligibility status using the QPP Participation Status Tool.

For More Information:  Kindly review the 2018 MIPS Data Submission FAQs and other resources available in the QPP Resource Library.

 For further Queries contact:


Suggestions for a smooth process: 


  • Try submitting your 2018 MIPS data as soon as possible, you might have to update or make corrections during the process.
  • Please feel free to contact our PrognoCIS QPP Support Team to get help in doing 2018 MIPS Submissions.

Here’s how to contact us: 
Log in to PrognoCIS – Go to Resource Center – Click on Manage Cases button and put a request for MIPS 2018 Submission/Attestation.

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