Congratulations to Our Client U.S HealthWorks on Their Latest Acquisition

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Congratulations to Our Client U.S HealthWorks on Their Latest Acquisition

U.S. HealthWorks, one of the largest occupational health and urgent care networks in the United States, announced the acquisition of 14 Lakeside Occupational Medical Centers in the Tampa Bay, Lakeland and Orlando areas. This acquisition the largest in U.S. HealthWorks’ history, and more than doubles the number of health centers it has in the state. U.S. HealthWorks is now the largest operator of occupational health centers in the state, with a total of 27.

“U.S. HealthWorks delivers the highest quality in medical care and customer service so we are very excited by this acquisition which will allow us to serve even more patients,” said Joseph T. Mallas, President and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. HealthWorks. “The addition of these centers will dramatically increase our footprint in Florida, an important state to our organization. With this expansion, we will be able to better serve the needs of our employer clients, providing additional access to care for their injured workers while helping to control costs related to workers’ comp injuries.”

U.S Healthworks, Powered by PrognoCIS

U.S HealthWorks is a client of PrognoCIS, and utilizes custom-made Occupational Medicine electronic health record (EHR) software by PrognoCIS. With the EHR, U.S. HealthWorks is easily able access patient records, document hospital rounds, and prescribe medication remotely from outside the practice. Employees and patients can view records such as worker’s compensation reports and pre- and post-surgery evaluations from the comfort of their homes. PrognoCIS’ Occupational Medicine template also features a myriad of workplace procedures, such as injury treatment, pre-employment physicals, medical surveillance, and instant testing for drug and alcohol use. These features ensure that U.S. HealthWorks’ employees remain healthy and safe.

Along with the client, perhaps the biggest boon to U.S. HealthWorks is PrognoCIS’ conversion of their paper-based documentation system into an electronic one. With the digitization of their forms, U.S. HealthWorks sees a myriad of benefits, such as:

  • Reduced costs associated with paper-based documentation: shipping and processing costs, reduction in paper and toner use, and almost eliminating the potential for human error in record keeping
  • Improved workflow: front-end staff do not have to deal with tedious financial paper work; they spend less time checking co-pay amounts, patient eligibility, and missing charges
  • Easy-to-access electronic financial data: documentation regarding finances surrounding medical centers can be accessed anywhere, leading to more accurate revenue projections

The combined benefits of paperless documentation significantly reduced costs, and gives U.S. HealthWorks a substantial boost in productivity.

U.S HealthWorks Continuing Growth in Healthcare

Lakeside Occupational Medical Centers has been part an integral part of the southwest and central Florida communities since 1978, providing medical care to more than 25,000 employers and their employees.

“We are honored to become part of U.S. HealthWorks and continue to serve our community with an experienced team of experts and additional resources,” said Dr. Richard F. Johnson, President and Medical Director of Lakeside Occupational Medical Centers.  “Our patients count on us for excellent healthcare, and we know that U.S. HealthWorks will uphold those high standards that we’ve set over the last 38 years. Since the best outcomes for injured workers depend on both getting quality care and continuing to work while recovering, we will continue to practice with these goals in mind.” The team of over 20 providers will stay on with U.S. HealthWorks after the transaction closes.

Press release sourced from Business Wire.

Picture Credit: NIAID/Flickr