7 easy steps to creating a Facebook page for your Medical Practice

October 23rd, 2020 - By Andrew Fearnley

A Facebook business page does not require the attention of a professional IT or social media manager. With a little creativity and time, nothing is holding you back from creating a suitable one for your company. The only thing you miss is the motivation to start.

Facebook has a massive audience, of about 2.5 billion people every month, which determined 140 million companies to create a page for their firm, healthcare practice, and start promoting their services there.

Before starting, you should probably know that to have access to a business page, you must be logged in to your personal account. None of the information you have presented on your page will appear on the other, so there is no need to worry about privacy and protection. Facebook got it covered!

Step 1: Sign in and Create Page

Sign in with your personal account, then go right to the “Create a Page” button or visit here

There are multiple types of pages, and the right one for you is the “business page”. Simply click “Get started” and follow Facebook’s next steps.

click on the page to create new page

Now, the first thing in your journey is adding business information. Use your business’s name or anything that attracts the public and it is related to it, find the right category from the options you will be given, then add some general data about your placement, your phone number, e-mail address.

The information can be public to everyone, or to a certain group you have chosen.

Before clicking “Continue”, remember that you also agree with Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Events Policies. If you do not know what they mean, you should definitely check them out first.

Add your medical practice and other information to create fb page

Step 2: Add your Profile Picture

One of the most important things when it comes to creating a successful business page is the view. Your profile and cover pictures are your tickets to a wide audience, and they provide a first impression to anyone who’s entering your page. If they don’t look good, many of the people who were at first interested will leave the page without even reading the content.

The profile picture is the one your customers and audience will see most often. It appears when someone is searching your page’s name, or when you interact with users. It must be recognizable, and memorable. It can be your logo, your face, or a picture with the building.

Add profile picture

Make sure there are no important details in the corners, as the pictures will be cropped to a circle.

After choosing the best photo for making your business known, click “Upload Profile Picture”.

Unlike the profile picture, the cover picture is big, and it is the center of attention when someone accesses your page. You want it to be clear, and as informative and attractive as possible. If you have this great picture, click “Upload Cover Photo”.

This is how your profile picture and wallpaper will look

Step 3: Add Username

The vanity URL is how people find you on Facebook. The username can have a maximum of 50 characters, but it is critical to keep it short and easy to remember. To create it, click “Create Page @Username” on the left menu, then click “Create username” to finish the process.

Click on the create @Username
Add your Username

Step 4: Add Business Information – Let people know who you are

Remember to fill the “About you” page as soon as possible, because Facebook is the main source of information about today’s life in terms of businesses, which will lead potential customers to your page.

To add these details, click “Edit Page Info” (top menu). You will add:

  • Description: Something small of about 255 characters, but catchy.
Add your practice related description
Add your medical practice description
  • Categories: Besides the one category you have chosen in the first step, you can add a few more to let Facebook’s algorithm show you to all the people that might be interested in you.
Add your practice related categories
Add your practice related categories
  • Contact: The most important are, the phone number, website, and email. 
Add you clinic contact information
  • Location: If you are activating offline as well, make sure you add a correct address. You can also add your service area, to let people know if there are problems with delivering in their region. 
Add you medical practice location
  • Hours: Tell people when you are open to help them. 
Add Medical Practice opening and closing hours
  • Extras: In this section, you can add the price range, a privacy policy link, or an Impressum, which is a legal statement of ownership. 

To add the new details to the page, click “Save Changes” under each section. 

Add extra information to your page

Step 5: Add About Us Information – Present yourself

If the first description you have added feels too short and incomplete, Facebook has another place for your story. You just have to click “See more” (left menu), then “About”, then “Our Story”. 

Add clinic information
Click on Add additional information
Add medical practice information
Add Information about you Medical Practice

In this section, you can tell people more about your business and explain the reasons why is it worth it to follow you on social media. Besides the headline and the text, you can also update the other information eg edit button, review, service, offers etc.

update other information
update other information

Step 6: Create your 1st Post and Publish

Before making your page popular by inviting people to like and follow it, you should post something to grab their attention. The post must be relevant, whether it is an event or a general post about your activity. 

To create the content, you should click the “Create Post”, then choose one of the options available and publish the post. 

Create post

To make people aware of your page’s existence, invite your current friends to like it, promote it on other social media platforms, and let people know you have a page by adding the link or the name in your banners, e-mails, etc. If you have good interaction with a client, you can even ask them if they would like to follow you on Facebook, as well. 

Promote your Page

Step 7: Adjust your Page Settings

fb Page setting
Check Page Setting

‘Hooray! Your Facebook Page is Ready

Creating a Facebook page is simple, but you must be careful with what details you are adding, and how you are engaging with the public. From this point, growing your page depends on your presence and the content you are uploading. Find new patients and connect with the current one’s Good luck! 

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