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At PrognoCIS, we strive to provide new methods and techniques to engage patients in thoughtful and meaningful ways. Our newly upgraded clinical information suite, PrognoCIS Denali, is our next step in providing a cutting edge electronic healthcare product.

We are excited to introduce a new section to our newsletter, the CEO Corner. It will contain thought-leading content on electronic healthcare topics, written by Bizmatics CEO Vinay Despande, creator of PrognoCIS. Additionally, we go over the benefits of healthcare portals, from the Patient Portal to the Employer Portal, and we review new studies on the positive correlation between EHR use and patient satisfaction.

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What’s Trending in EHR?


PrognoCIS Denali

What’s Included in Our Upgraded PrognoCIS EHR & Clinical Information Suite – Denali?

PrognoCIS is releasing its first upgrade in almost 2 years: PrognoCIS Denali. Here’s we outline the various features of the new build.

Patient Portal

Why Healthcare Portals Are the Next Level of Patient Engagement

Patient portals bridge the care gap from when the patient leaves the office, to when he or she is at home. Learn why patient portals are the future of patient engagement.

Laptop Stethoscope

How EHRs Are Providing Positive Patient Experiences

Recent studies have shown a positive correlation between EHR use and pateint experiences. Read about why this is, and how to capitalize on it.


CEO Corner


Vinay Despande

Is EHR Interoperability Possible with a National Patient Identifier?

Can we solve EHR interoperability problems with a National Patient Identifier? Hear what one of the thought-leaders in healthcare today, Vinay Despande, CEO of Bizmatics Inc., has to say about the National Patient Identifier.

EHR Case Studies


PrognoCIS works with many different clients and partners to share our integrated solutions. Read about how we’re working to maximize productivity and improve practice workflow.

Current PrognoCIS Clients: Contact us if you’d like to work together on a case study.

PrognoCIS Membership News and Updates


Sign Your Business Associate Agreement

If you are a PrognoCIS Partner and haven’t yet signed a Business Associate Agreement, please let us know. Contact us to get your BAA.

Learn PrognoCIS

What’s New in LearnPrognoCIS

With PQRS to be absorbed into the new value-based system MACRA, learn how to efficiently and accurately report your last PQRS data points in this pdf.

New Webinars

Webinar Updates for New PrognoCIS Build

Be sure to sign up for our upcoming webinars on our new release, before they fill up!
PrognoCIS Denali Features Overview:
September 12th | September 13th | September 14th | September 15th | September 19th

Help Feature

New Release Notes

Check out our analytics feature, a powerful tool which visually portrays data from different modules, so users can take action.

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