Many pioneering implementers found out the hard way that EMR software isn’t something that comes ready to use straight out of the box, much like a new suit isn’t made to wear straight off the rack. When shopping for the best EMR software, many doctors want to know whether the system is customizable and how it can be tailored to the needs of their practice.

In PrognoCIS’s case, Jeff Baker assures doctors that yes, PrognoCIS is indeed capable of customization. Customization of an EMR starts with choosing from the 22 templates available that best fit your practice’s specialty. “I tell them how easy it is to customize and how to change questions,” says Baker. “I go into a template during a demo and show them how easy and flexible it is.” Template changes can even be made on short notice, including during an exam with a patient. Making changes is very simple, “Basically, they just click on the component and they go in and make modifications,” explains Baker. Changes include adding selections to the dropdown boxes and altering the wording of prompt questions.Customize emr

For doctors who feel that customizing even the best EMR is too much fuss, think about it this way: what if you purchased an EMR and, low and behold, it isn’t compatible with your practice workflow? Then what? Now you’re stuck with software you’ll never use.  Discussing the benefit of flexibility, Baker points out that from ease of view standpoint, the doctor has some input on the questions. “Second,” he says, “it gives a layer of personalization, not a cookie cutter out of the box EMR.” Customizing an EMR’s functions makes it personal to that particular doctor – it looks the way they want it to look.

Specializing in pediatrics EMR software, Baker gives an example for pediatricians: as part of a well exam, pediatricians must follow certain developmental milestone templates based off of CDC standards. Doctors must ask about lead-based paint in the house. If the house is older, follow up questions ask what year it was built and if it has been checked for lead-based paint. Essentially, sometimes doctors want more information about the developmental milestones and would be able to add additional questions to the template.

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