Workflow can be what makes or breaks a practice. Without an efficient system, the quality of patient care can decline and the practice may begin to lose profits. By implementing EMR software templates with the right capabilities to meet the needs of the provider, a practice can spend more time focusing on the patients and less time worrying about inefficient use of time.

A good workflow must indicate who is best suited to perform each task in a timely manner and schedules them to complete it in accordance with other tasks. By establishing clear guidelines, workflow can run smoothly and efficiently while emphasizing great patient care. Customizing templates is one way in which providers can improve their workflow. To some, it may seem time consuming and challenging. However, a well-planned workflow with the right template can increase the success of a practice tremendously.

Customizing EHR templates entails editing and organizing the many fields and prompts in order to streamline interaction with patients and data entry. When customizing these templates, it’s best to start with the simplest of templates. As the individual becomes more comfortable, they can gradually begin to modify more complex templates.

The best approach to implementing an EMR is a substitutive approach. This requires an EMR that possesses a great deal of flexibility and customization. In this approach the current forms and notes are built into the EMR system. The technology is built to compliment the current workflow. Substitution is the least disruptive implementation. It’s simple to learn and will have the least amount of impact on the practice’s productivity.

Using EMRs gives the provider the ability to make notes and retrieve documents on any device from any location. This technology also follows automated rules and regulations that will enhance efficiency and improve the quality of patient care. If properly implemented with a customized template, EMRs can be a rewarding part of a provider’s practice. The many benefits of the technology can save the practical both time and money by greatly improving clinical workflow.

Author: Lauren Daniels

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