Eliminate Billing Bottlenecks with Single-Claim Posting

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Eliminate Billing Bottlenecks with Single-Claim Posting

PrognoCIS is the go-to product for providers seeking a customizable and user-friendly electronic healthcare management system. PrognoCIS’ integrated electronic health record and practice management bundle has been known to provide a positive impact on workflow efficiency and revenue cycle management.

PrognoCIS Denali is the 3rd build of PrognoCIS, and introduces many new features in both the EMR and Billing module. Here we go over two revamped features of our Billing Module: Enhanced EOB/ERA Processing and Customized Statements

Redesigned and Enhanced EOB/ERA Processing

PrognoCIS has redesigned its EOB/ERA Processing Screen with 3 goals:

  • Improving speed & efficiency when posting payments
  • Improving efficiency while navigating within remittance voucher pages
  • Improved editing functions when a particular EOB/ERA is reopened.

Single Claim Posting

PrognoCIS Denali introduces a new function called Single Claim Posting, which enables the users to post a single claim without posting the entire remittance. Single Claim Posting drastically improves the efficiency and speed of claims processing, allowing you to send individual claims through instead of waiting for the whole batch to be approved. You can also unpost and edit payments from a Single Claim without impacting other posted claims on the same remittance. This ensures the claims on the remittances would remain posted when a remittance voucher is reopened, which gives more flexibility to users.

Design and UI Changes

Denali enhances the EOB/ERA screen so billers have an easier time navigating and processing claims. Earlier versions consisted of three distinct sections (Header Section, Claim Header Section, and Charges Section) of a claim. In Denali, the EOB / ERA Screen contains only two sections – Header Section, Claim header, and third Charges section is merged into Claim header section in form of an expandable accordion; set to expand on a mouse click. EOB ERA Processing PrognoCIS

Customized Statements

Patient statements are an essential, but often neglected part of the billing process. A patient who does not understand his or her statement may dismiss or dispute them, leading to time and resources wasted. PrognoCIS enhances Patient Statement processing by introducing a refined selection process & with more customizable options.

New Statement Types

PrognoCIS Denali introduces new statement types which give providers more control on how to display information. Statements currently are able to show generic Billling Details and Charges, but with the Denali, you can configure your statements to show Insurance Balances and Running Patient Balances.



Enhanced Statements for Multi-Provider Support

Designed for multi–location, multi–provider, or multi–group practices, PrognoCIS makes it easy to generate statements by Locations, Business Units, Rendering Doctors or Attending Providers. These filtered statements can be generated individually or as part of automated scheduled process, designed to run on regular intervals such as daily, weekly, or monthly. The customization further allows you to set the statement to run on a specific day of a month, such as the last Friday of every month.

Statement Send Out Options

PrognoCIS Denali allows for customized delivery options. Depending on practice’s preferences, you can either:

  • Print the statements for all patients
  • Send emails with Statements as secure attachments
  • Print or send emails as scheduled attachments

Picture Credit: Rent Vine/Flickr