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Diffuse Your EHR Woes With PrognoCIS

The electronic health record (EHR) industry is in a state of flux. Companies are struggling to maintain a competitive edge in a market that demands quality and consistency. We’ve seen some major players in the industry fight to stay afloat, requesting buyouts. Others are consolidating their losses, fusing with others to maintain a grip on the market.

In a time of frantic fusion, it’s important to rely on a company that does not sway with the shifting sands – one that stands fast in the turbulent climate of electronic health care, and provides effective health solutions at a competitive price.

PrognoCIS’ history with digital health management is long and well defined. Established in 2002, PrognoCIS has maintained a consistent growth in clientele for the past 14 years. PrognoCIS’ clients range from the largest transportation authorities in the United States, to smaller practices who serve their local communities. PrognoCIS EHR has been developed with over a decade’s worth of experience in the health industry. The features of PrognoCIS EHR are designed to bypass the confusion, and save providers time and money.

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Providing Effective Health Solutions to Providers

Perhaps the chief goal of PrognoCIS EHR is to provide health solutions that fulfill the client’s needs. Whether it’s creating a fully customized graphic user interface from scratch so employees can ease into an otherwise difficult transition process, or simply revamping a medical practice with modern technology, the software is tailored to each client. PrognoCIS features different templates depending on field of medicine, whether it is Cardiology, Occupational Medicine, or Family Practice.  We work with clients to help them use PrognoCIS EHR, whether it’s their first EHR or their fifth.

On the Forefront of Innovation in Medical Technology

In a time when more and more people are signing up for health care, it’s important to find new and innovative ways of managing patients. PrognoCIS stays up to date with new medical technology that may improve the quality of service for providers. Telemedicine is one such innovation. In case the term is unfamiliar, telemedicine is “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status (American Telemedicine Association).” It’s essentially the method of providing patient care electronically, whether through consultation, monitoring, education, or all of the above.

We recently worked with Upstate Concierge Medicine, a leading telemedicine provider in upstate New York, to integrate our EHR with their telemedicine functions. This resulted in an improved workflow for their practice, and improved care for their patients. PrognoCIS works with providers who provide state-of-the-art healthcare, to serve them as they serve others.

PrognoCIS Understands the Current State of Health Care Reform in America

Health care reform in the United States is equally, if not more, sporadic than the electronic heath record industry. Politicians on Capitol Hill are locked in an eternal battle of words and gestures, and policies are created and amended on a daily basis. We do know however, that there is an increased push towards a national value-based healthcare system. Incentive programs such as Meaningful Use and the Physician Quality Reporting System are being consolidated into a larger, more comprehensive value-based structure. Recently, we did a piece on the Meaningful Use Exemption Process where we outlined how, when, and where practices can file for exemption.

PrognoCIS stays on top of health policies that come out of Washington. We believe that to understand the comings-and-goings of Congress is to adequately prepare ourselves and our clients for what’s to come ahead.

A Fusion of Quality and Efficiency

PrognoCIS EHR has a long history of providing effective health solutions to providers around the United States. We are dedicated to providing an EHR tailored to our clients. We believe in medical innovation to help our clients provide effective patient care, and foresight on health policy so our providers are able to prepare for policy change. PrognoCIS EHR is a fusion of quality and efficiency designed to provide quality care. In a time where companies are molding to whatever is profitable, we stand firm in our beliefs and core values.