Many of today’s largest tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Google are setting their sights on digital health devices. Features could include monitoring of heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, respiration, brain activity, and glucose level.

Digital Health Devices

Health & Tech

The latest news in the tech market is that some of the largest companies are furiously competing to claim the consumer base for digital health devices. Tech giants, Apple, Google, and Samsung, have all been working on implementing health features into their products. The main idea behind this is an effort to promote wellness, as well as employ preventative measures. To add the cherry on top, the company that succeeds in developing and marketing this device will have a substantial advantage in differentiation against competitors.

The Consumer Market

There are already numerous fitness trackers on the market that count calories, measure the number of steps walked, etc. However, surveys have shown that 50% of those who have a fitness tracker are no longer using it. About 33% stop usage within 6 months of purchasing the device. Most people interested in such products tend to fall on extreme ends of the spectrum: the fitness junkies and those with declining health – essentially, the folks who want (out of personal drive or out of necessity) to embed health care features into their lifestyle. Currently, the biggest hurdle is to understand what the motivating factor is for general consumers.


Companies are in the process of developing hi-tech sensors that will enable monitoring of an assortment of health-related features, such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Hydration
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiration
  • Brain activity
  • Glucose level

Having the ability to easily log one’s own biometric data could potentially influence better fitness and personal health. People would be more inclined to maintain healthy habits if they could visually comprehend the activity of their body. For those already dealing with diseases, these features can simplify their way of life. For example, an easier method of monitoring blood/glucose levels could be somewhat life-changing for diabetics.

For Medical Professionals

Apple will be partnering with an EHR company and with Mayo Clinic to integrate their new developer tool, HealthKit, with patient records. Aggregating fitness and medical information all at once, directly to medical professionals, would allow for immediate alerts and prompt treatment. This at-home collection of data would also reduce the costs and wait-time of hospital and clinic visits. These few technological changes could enable a mass case study on an entirely new level. The entire healthcare system could be swiftly renovated and permanently transformed.

Author: Apoorva Anupindi

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