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In this week’s newsletter we focus on key issues that affect the financial workflow of a practice. We highlight common problems that occur in the work place, such as improper medication management and tedious claims processing, and we show how to create best practices from an EHR perspective.

– The PrognoCIS Team

What’s Trending in EHR?



Proper Medication Management to Maintain a Successful Practice

Medication non-adherence, suboptimal prescribing, and drug administration costs the U.S $300 billion annually. We take a dive into medication management and figure out best practices for providers.

Scrubber Checks

How to Ensure Claims are Accurately Processed with Scrubber Checks

Claims processing is an often mismanaged element of practice management. Learn how we facilitate quick and accurate claims processing with scrubber checks.


Practice Management Workflow Feature to Optimize your Billing

The PrognoCIS billing module features a myriads of options to create a solid line of communication between practice and biller. Learn about our powerful Task Assignment feature.


PrognoCIS Membership News and Updates


Learn PrognoCIS

What’s New in LearnPrognoCIS

A new powerful feature has been added to PrognoCIS: the Auto Patient Update Function. Developed by our team of UX engineers, this feature enables providers to instantly synchronize their patient records with demographic information received from clearing houses. Check out our informative instructional video here.

New Webinars

Webinar Updates

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PrognoCIS EHR Orientation:
June 13th | July 15th | August 16th
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June 15th | July 11th | August 22nd

Help Feature

New Release Notes

The PrognoSign feature is now supported on Android devices as well iOS. . Users are now able to electronically sign documents using a computer mouse, stylus, or tablet via the PrognoSign feature of PrognoCIS.

Caption Our ICD-10 Cartoon!


We’re taking a page from The New Yorker‘s book and holding a caption contest. Have a little fun and stretch your funny bone by helping captioning our cartoon’s social media posts. Please click to Enter your caption here. The winner’s caption will be featured in next week’s social media campaign, so follow us on LinkedIn. Our last caption winner will be featured on LinkedIn tomorrow, so be sure to keep any eye out!

ICD-10 is here and PrognoCIS customers are already starting to see returns and get their payments. Visit our ICD-10 Hub for more information on how #prognoCISicd10pays. You can also read our whitepaper on the impact of ICD-10 on revenue cycle management.

Relax and take it easy with one of our cartoons. View the rest on our Facebook album or visit our Pinterest ICD-10 board.

ICD-10: Toxic effect of venom of bees


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